Don't Hold BitCoin. Just invest in it.

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

Do you want to invest in BitCoin? Here is what I would have done if I had enough money to invest in BTC.

I would have invested in BTC but I would not have hold BTC.

Here is the reason :

Instead of holding BTC, I would have bought other altcoins with bit coin. Alt coins can be valued/converted in BTC or USD or any other coins. Hence, holding Alt coin is equivalent to holding BTC and you will have double benefits there. On the one hand, the rise in value of alt coin will give you extra bit coin. On the other hand, the rise in price of bit coin will give you extra USD.

Example, if I invest 1BTC today in ETH at current price of 1ETH=0.093BTC (Total = 10.75ETH) , and if its price increase to 1ETH=0.15BTC in 1 month – I will have BTC profit of 0.15-0.093=0.057 BTC per ETH (Total Profit of 0.61BTC) . It means my BTC has increased by 0.61.

Similarly, in 1 month the price of BTC will rise. Currently BTC price is $2842. After 1 month if its price increased to 3500$, in the above case, if I hold 1 BTC without investing in alt coin – my portfolio will be valued as 3500$ only, as I have only one BTC. However, if you invested inAltcoinss as above – your portfolio will be valued at 1BTC (initial) + 0.61 (Profit) = 1.061*3500$ = 5635$ . Hence extra profit of 2135$.

Dont hold BTC, just invest in it :)

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