How Satoshi School was Born.

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Here i place the whole story in one piece. It's story made from the the previous parts i write earlier on my profile @skorek

I met Chancellor long time ago, it was one of those bitcoin drinks we had in Hofje van Wijs our bitcoin caffe. At the time it was a headquarter of bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam. Chancellor came alone one day to our meetup. I never saw him before so I stand up and move towards him to say "Hello". We had a small welcome talk, he went to get a drink for himself and I went back to the embassy table to introduce him to others and we all start talking bitcoin.

Chancellor believes in many things, just like many of us. He isn't different, one thing that attracted my attention to him was his strong beliefs in Bitcoin. He understood the technology behind, if he decide to put his money in the project he studied it for days. In 2014 he sold his house in Amsterdam and bought BTC, I called it strong belief system. I like people who likes bitcoin. It's a very intense attraction. He had a good heart and protect the right values. We meet many times after that. Few months later he meet his beautiful future wife from North and they moved to Arctic territories very soon. We had Skype and we were trading. All nights on all exchanges. From early morning until 4 in the night when the Chinese markets were getting open. It was intense calculation and volume trading with a lot of gambling involve. In those early days everything was unpredictable. You couldn't use markets graphics and candlesticks to read the trend, we were the trend. Only growing altcoin market economy. Those were crazy days, bitcoin get global to cast main character role in this economy and soon many altcoins follow it. That year many projects starts to appear, crypto guys who made some good money on bitcoin start to travel and pitch their new ideas around the planet. Amongst them we pick Vitalik with his Ethereum project. Super global computer, that will connect us all. After all we had simple coins projects like DOGE, and some more work intensive like NXT, DARK or MAID and many others, there was a time for something new and much more serious. Chancellor and me were busy playing all of them an investing widely. He was more of the trader who buys and sit few hours watching monitor screen. I was more of the long term believer. You should know by now how i trade, if you don't just scroll through my blog and read some of my previous posts. I bought and then I wait keeping all my precious altcoins like some kind of high quality gems.

So, me and Chancellor we cry and we part with our BTC. We invest in Butalik's Ethereum and then we have to wait. There was nothing and nothing to do just wait. We get our ETH token more than a year and a half later. They have to go through a process to setup company in Switzerland, they keep their stash in BTC, when it's price collapse their ICO was in danger as they hire more than 80 people to run the company. They earn around 26 BTC per months in those days. I know most of them, as there was a time they were staying in Amsterdam, and they use my ATM to cash out some salary.

Ethereum become a vehicle to invest your ETH. We all remember DAO, but first ICO project was DIGIX, digital gold on ethereum, then it was Augur with reputation and predictions of the future. After DAO hack it's price collapse to 5 dollars, but only for a short 6 months. Chancellor bought a lot of ETH at the price of $0.15 cent, when it's start to trade above dollar he skype me every night and we talk for hours. When you invest you family house in the virtual money token you get panic attacks from time to time. Every such a time i get a call from such a traders busicly with one question:
"Should i keep i should i sell now? - My answer was always one: "Just keep it and wait for price to go up again."
They never did, Chancellor as well. He was not better than the rest, only I was for a long run. By the time he Skype me again and the price of the coin was up, he never had a coin as he sold it with losing some btc in the process. But in general we all learn, it was a free university, you paid a fee in lost bitcoins. We finish it now, it's a learning process to spread your investments and find good token to invest.

Now, let's go back to Cambodia and Satoshi school. First I realize how this country education system works. Then I realize is not a free system, every kid needs around 600$ to get good school classes, books and sometimes food and transport. I met little girls selling bracelets on the beach walking with theirs older sisters or parents who massage tourists from europe. They are not in school. They are working. First I want to sponsor one child, go to school and pay the fee for one year in advance, but I realize soon that this is not an answer. Then i start to think. I have a lot of free time to think here.

In the night I have this idea. What if I just create a school. The whole school with building and it's own teachers, there are plenty of teachers traveling through Cambodia. Will be not a problem to find some. I went forward with my thoughts, what if we use the only fully working Steemit platform to fund the project. I could just get people focus for a moment on my school project upvote it on steemit it and Satoshi School steemit account could generate income for the school. I start to dream. Satoshi School teachers could create a posts on SatoshiSchool steemit website, students too. Those posts could theoretically make money to pay for salary of the school teacher, but we also can make it better. Imagine the kid is getting paid too. What about the school when teacher and kid make money, no hierarchy but a natural symbiosis between teacher and the student. They can't exist without each other. And all this inside of the steemit economy, runs on steemit, lets see what this technology is capable of. Can I build one school with steemit, if yes then a sky is the limit. First i need a steemit Whale, who can upvote my posts and keep school running. I predict if the project will be a success it will have to become self sustain after some months. During this time more whales can see what we are doing and give us some support. There are also thousands of steemian in who i strongly believe as well.
Here where Chancellor comes to play. I only call him this name as I want to keep his real name a secret for now. I called him last week we talked. I told him my idea and he liked very much:
"Wait." - he said - " I think i bought some Steem years ago, i don't remember how much, but i think a lot"
He gives me his steemit account name, i check and i can't believe what i see.
"You have one million dollars in steem, man. I think we can try our school project"

Tomorrow i go to other village Kampot, there is a girl who run its own school projects. They invite me for whole Saturday to look how they work. They run:

Resteemit Steemians. You all have work to do to help us.

We animals and humans we like to be together. Hoard of wolves or shoaling fish. We build cities in which we build boxes to house us together on the gigantic scale. Society of humans, once decentralized communities now living on the industrial scale together. We still have something left from our pre-assessors. We have 10- 15 closest friends. We can't focus our attention on more the 12 tasks in the some time, football and other group games are good examples. It's all because our past. What start hundreds of millions years ago when, we live in the small communities of 10 - 15 families. This world is gone now. We can grow to few millions, just in one city.

Walking down the beach in Otres village I find many clam shells landing on the sand in groups. I walk down the beach and I see no shells, then 50 meters forward i see hundreds of them together. Everything is gathering together. I walk to the Bamboo Shack, they serve best Seafood Black Pepper, made by 70 years old Cambodian mother. They have many good things, first day i come here i met Filip. When I was paying my bill I saw someone with his computer screen open on the Bitrex website. We start talking. He is from Sweden, young dude traveling through life and in the world. He spend last 3 months in Cambodia and he likes it here. He rent a room in Bamboo Shack for 2 months and his window is 5 meters from the ocean. Life is great here, but only if you forget about the bitcoin price, specially today. I menage to forget to look in the coinmarketcap.

I am visiting Bamboo Shack twice, every day. I eat there my food which cambodian mama prepare for me and I trade with Filip. Most of the time we talk. He is trading daily, trying to pick up a good trend, I don't do it. I invest and I wait for a long time. But we talk bitcoin, I try to explain him steemit website, whole concept and the idea of steempower and steem dollars. From this conversations Satoshi School was born.

The time I meet Filip I was still researching how to pay for one kid for school. We meet some locals, we talk with them. I get my basic information, I want to meet with a school, as i find out this will be the safest way to support the child and not their family or parents. When i talk directly with a family it was usually disaster waiting to happen. Next day a sister of a mother or some other uncle shows up with a bank account number that he just open to pay money to. I start to realize this is not the way. It was Filip who contact Rachel from the Red Road Foundation. .

She is an american living already in Cambodia for last 3 years. She rent a house just outside Kampot in the middle of banana plantation. After one year she knew what she has to do, she has to help local children. She decide to buy the land and build a school on it, then she want to find the way to make a school self sustain. She find a land, a taxi driver bring her there for a first time, it was a long drive than they turn inside of the country road, made of nothing, just a red clay. When you drive you could only see red dust clouds. The Red Road Foundation was born. The village is in the middle of nowhere. Kids there are very happy to see any new faces in the village. Village is not really village. It's just a road and all the houses along the road belong to the village. Nobody comes there to visit and kids have to work every day to take care of the buffalos who belongs to their parents. Rachel registered Foundation in States, it's where she has to travel every six month to find more donation. In Cambodia you can only lend a land from government if you are a foreigner, Rachel find a local woman in which name the land was bought. She need it to have 51%, rest was for Rachel, which is fine she told me later:

" I want to go way one day, but i want my idea to flourish. I want them to carry out my work when i am not here". -
I like her attitude.

It's took her more then a year to clean and clear the land, plant some fruit trees and gather money for school buildings. The place use the solar panels to produce electricity. There was a central grid going through the village, but it's need a transformer which cost thousands of dollars. They use then accumulators which they power with fuel generators. Now they use solar power from the school to load accus. After a year they start building the school. Rachel decide to start cleaning project, kids collect glas bottels, she bought electric equipment. They now could cut a bottle in half, after grinding the cuted glas they could be sold now as drinking glass. From the top part of the bottle they produce a hanging lamps. A lot of this half cut bottles was use in the walls of the school. They bring natural light to the buildings, they could form them as they wish. The made a big glass bottle window in the shape of the heart. School was growing. Project was taking shape. They have first volunteers to work and teach kids. Finally they could hire first Cambodian teacher, Rachel learn to speak cambodian that year. They have more then 100 kids now, there is a first graduate from the school. He went to the university to study to be a doctor. It's a first person in the village ever that go to study. New concept for a villagers. Impossible is possible.

We went with Filip to Kampot to meet Rachel an Saturday. We rent motorcycles and we went to meet red dusty road and the kids on the end of it. It's took one hour to get up there. As we were getting closer we could hear happy little voices of children playing down the road, screaming :
"Hallo" - to us.

For them we where the new volunteers coming to teach them something new, we were not european tourist anymore.
At this moment I discover the value of this initiative, Rachel project was working. Satoshi School can work as well. I become positive and happy. When we arrive there was a group of 30 kids having their lesson, we go inside with Rachel. I try to learn their names, its difficult because all the names are made usually from 3 words. Those words are very difficult to pronounce together. I have a good laugh with kids, teacher give them 30 minutes break, so we head out to play some football game. After running 10 minutes in the southern sun i give up, kids keeps playing. They are very competitive and they scream very loud with joy.

I try to explain to Rachel what is Bitcoin and how she can use steemit to raise some funds for her project. She is going to open an account for RedRoad Foundation on steemit next day. I will be voting her posts. I tell her about Pineapplefund that donates millions of dollars to existing charity projects. She will write them as well. (Unfortunately i hear from Rachel next day that Pineapple Fund is not accepting any emails until end of the month, as she tries to contact them).

Everything is becoming more clear. After my visit in Kampot I am back in Otres. I know now how it's has to be done. I know i am trying what no one try before me. Only because there was no steemit 2 years ago. Now it is and there is no excuse not to do it. So it's will be done. Lets try steemians. I believe in you.

I started this year an experiment, a long term experiment one can say, it's will take whole year. Best part for the readers, you can follow me this whole year, as I travel through many countries on few continents taking active part in my journey.

Journey of knowledge and richines trying to learn how to hodle your stash.

As i started trading altcoins back in 2013 I started to notice that sometimes it was better not to sell them or to trade them but just to hold them for at least two years or longer. With all my altcoins positions that i trade i could earn 5 - 10 BTC per year, but i noticed that if i just keep them and sell them today i could make as much as 700 BTC.

After years of trading i am starting the Best Bitcoin Idea trip all around the world with a crypto assets made of altcoins and ICO from last year that i will release to you in one of my next posts and everyone can follow. My goal is to just hoddle and make 1 000 000 $ by the and of next year.

I start my trip in Cambodia 2 weeks ago, I left Poland with a group of friends, 7 of us to be specific but today they all left Otres village and the ocean and went back to polish winter and their jobs. We all celebrate yesterday at the beach and they realize how lucky someone can be without job. They all started with 100$ bitcoin just 8 months ago, when they finally recognized its power. First time i told them about bitcoin in 2011, back then they just call me crazy, at that time no one could buy anything for bitcoin. To demonstrate how this technology is working Coinbase was the first one to show. Back then we all like Coinbase, now even not Segwit get implemented by them.(Alpaca socks where available from 2012 as standard buy order example on Coinbase. Before that time there was nothing to buy, just to exchange between each other.)

They all have very good jobs, they are great people too, but they get tricked by the system just like most of you, they get a big loan for big house in Warszawa to pay it back in 30 years. Now, when they realize what is coming with Bitcoin technology they try to start different. Maybe, just maybe they can pay their mortgages with the bitcoins they earn trading on Yobit, maybe not, no one knows before one try.

My friend who i gave 100 $ in Yobit exchange code 9 months ago where he learn to trade Altcoins to get more bitcoin have an outstanding score. ( 0.42 BTC = 5000 $) 50x times more on his investment. He hopes he can pay his existing loans to start bar on our island where there is no end of vodka in the bottle. ( If he ever decide i will be more than happy to invest in his bar, so he knows if he is reading that story) We all party for a success of my long one year Best Bitcoin Idea experiment.

Hodl Bitcoin and all the ICO's investment from last year. No trading involve. Just hold until 1 000 000$ can be collected. For daily expences i use Yobit. ( ) I buy and sell everything on Yobit, this trades gonna pay for my trip. Last 6 months they do, when bitcoin went above 10000$ i win my bet i made back in 2004 on Bitcoin conference in Amsterdam. I was so sure of the bitcoin power back then that i bet my holidays on the price of bitcoin. I told everyone standing on the big stage (4000 people attended), that i will not go on holidays until bitcoin price will hit 10 000$. I had to wait 4 years, I learn a lot those years about bitcoin, I stop doing everything and put all my energy to this technology. I had a lot of free time as I couldn't travel i place my house on Airbnb and start myself received people on holiday in my two extra spare rooms , so it's feels as i am on holidays with them.

Everyone who was living in my house I set up with a brand new bitcoin wallet and give them first 100$ dollars BTC to trade on Yobit exchange. My airbnb calendar was completely full and I start to earn 5000-6000$ per month so i could pay my bills (Life in Amsterdam is expensive) and concentrate 100% on bitcoin. I went from conference to conference until i get bored as i realize no one is talking any more about bitcoin, everyone is in ICO. I get in the ICO just like i get in the presale of ethereum few years back. I went to the conferences, as i promise not to travel for fun and only to preach about bitcoin. But there was no one to talk to, everyone wants to hear only about next big thing, it's felt as i become Bitcoin dinozaur. I start to visit bars, soon i start to spend more time to talk in the bars then on the conferences. Not only in my house, everywhere i go i talk about bitcoin, every one who is happy to listen to me i learn how to trade on Yobit, they all get from me their first 100$ in yobit code. If anyone of you is going to Warszawa or other European cities, just ask any barman in any bar if they trade on Yobit, most will say yes. Some of them are very happy people now. I hope to see them soon on my way traveling through the world on bitcoin. It's like an addiction.

So, this is beginning of the story, rest will follow soon gonna grab some dinner now.

So i went... it was raining for 2 hours nobody at the beach, people are hiding. There is a place at the end of Otres beach called Last Hippie Standing. I will go there tomorrow, its very dark now, sun goes down punctually at 18.00. Heated air stays around much more longer, my shirt is always wet, how many of my electronics devices will survive this trip, none of them i guess, maybe Samsung 8. I have to remember to make a backup every week. I am walking alongside the ocean, pitch black around me. Only me and ocean that I can only hear and feel with bare feet. I light a weed joint I roll earlier in my hotel. I take a deep breath and inhale aromatic smoke in my lungs and I walk again. In my head i hear the voice of the woman i meet yesterday on the beach. She was walking with her 9 year old daughter selling grilled crabs. Her little girl was selling self made silk bracelet to the tourists. They walk toward me and they they sit down. I ask her to make me a crab on her charcoal portable grill she was carrying with her. She lights up the charcoal. I immediately could smell aromatic oily smoke coming from the crab being barbecued. Her daughter start an elevator pitch to sell me the bracelet. I look through her stash of bracelets. I turn with my head and said:

" Ok, I take one."
" Thank you sir, 2 dollars" she said.
I look at her mother and ask:
" Why she is not in school?
" No school, no school now sir. School finish at 11.30. Extra classes you have to pay extra sir. School in Cambodia from 7.00 to 11.30, sir. " she look at me then she look at my crab on her barbecue and she said:
"Jaaa sir...Cambodia life"
I look at the girl, she smiles and she start to show me her bracelet again. In english she said:
"I can make your name sir on the bracelet, one letter 2 dollars, what is your name sir?"
" Bitcoin" - I said like an automat not really thinking, she heard me and repeat " Bitcoin" i knock "Yes" with my head, actually being amaze the she pick Bitcoin right.
" 14 dollars sir, its 7 letters sir" she said again.
" A lot of dollars" i told her
-" Ok 10 dollars ,sir. I make it for you, 3 hours sir, i bring it tomorrow, what colors sir you like."
I look at her with understanding and decide to accept the deal.
-" Bitcoin colors of course, show me, we will choose black background and orange for letters, ok?"

My crab was ready, she prepare for me some black pepper sauce with it, i dip the meat and eat. They boths look at me with a smile and i was happy, the meal was great.
" Are you alone, sir? - she asked
I knock with my head.
" No good sir, no alone after dark on the beach, sir. No good, No alone" she repeat herself few times.
" Ok, ok i will be carefull" I said.
"No alone, go hotel after dark sir" she was upset, i could see it in her eyes.
"Ok, ok... no alone" I said again.
"See you tomorrow."

It's strange school system in Cambodia. Primary school It's free, as long you pay around 2 dollars per month yourself. School only takes from 7.00 until 11.30. After 12.00 you can go to school for an extra lessons that you have to pay. No poor kids are at school after 12.00. Just the rich kids. Secondary school is more expensive around 5 dollars per month. So many cambodian don't see the sense going to them. Everyone want to have own business and going to school is only in the way for them. Many girls didn't have a chance to go to school. They work on the beach. I have a meeting with a local school next week and will set up a multisig wallet with school so we can support individual children paying them school fee for a year. Every Patreon will get hand made Bitcoin bracelet with name of the kid that he sponsored. The bracelet can be auction once a year during dinner on the Blockchain Cruise. money we can use to build schools if needed. We could even create individual ethereum contracts for the kids, doing really good use of ethereum blockchain instead of breading Crypto Kitties. Traders can trade the contracts, as always making money, but the kids can get transaction fee, which can probably sponsor their future education. Digital Aid Kid Bracelet.

I think about my life, about this computerized digital decentralized religion being born in front of my eyes. Religion that is giving people hope again, religion without the church or saints, sacrifice and Crucifixion, mystical beliefs. Everything in Numbers. Easy to predict easy to calculate. You don't have to confess to prove your fate, with Bitcoin you can easy calculate your fate. More Satoshi's you acquire the bigger fate you have. The bigger fate the bigger miracle on the end, if you only manage to believe and keep your fate. Beware you probably build future for your kids and the kids after them. Just like Gutenberg make it possible for us to hodl our books in our own hands and took from the hands of the Royals and their priest, so we can read today freely whatever we choose. This some is happening right now, not with books and knowledge, but with our money. We can finally can choose not to be a citizen of the nation country with a government that recognize only his own financial system and protect it always with violence, one man laws and military. We have our voice back and we are vocal, when Korean government decide to regulate crypto last week this voice was heard. When 50% of the country population has a dream and use crypto to become rich having some success in that field and its attack by it's own government they fight. ( this fight was won again by Bitcoin)

We can all pray :" Hodl Lord Satoshi, Hallelujah. "

I see some light in the water. I start to walk toward it. I see someone. It's Satoshi Nakamoto floating in front of me on the ocean with his face turn up to the stars. I stop next to him and stand still we look at each other we smile.
He says: "I know, i know. If i only knew all this..." He finish his sentence and look back at the stars in the night sky. It's so dark around. I suddenly hear the voice in my head from the woman i meet yesterday:

"No alone sir, after dark no alone on the beach sir"

I look back at Satoshi, but he is gone. I am all alone in the water. It's time to head back to the hotel. I start to move and water starts to glow. I can see the shape of my body illuminating in the water I start to feel like in Avatar, at first i think what a strong weed they have here, but the next day on the beach they want to sell me the trip to luminescens glowing algies for 10 dollars.
Who was it? Satoshi or... ?

I walk again through the ocean, it's a hot and wet air with a kind of smell when your are walking inside of some giant wash dryer. But it pleasant, I like it...I like warm temperature in general, sometimes in the middle of the summer In Amsterdam I can put a heater on. I don't like cold swimming pool. I prefer heated jacuzzi in that matter. So, Cambodia is just perfect with it temperatures and what is even greater. You can smoke weed here just like in Amsterdam or even better. The last day I order bag of grass in the restaurant and they just added to my total bill and charge my credit card which I can still uploaded with BTC. I feel more needed here then in Europe, where everyone is fighting over position and power, especially in the bitcoin world, where we supposed to have most intelligent people.

For last five years I try to be active bitcoiner. In 2013 I placed first working bitcoin ATM in Europe in Amsterdam. The big giants of the industry where one year behind me. When we had a year later, the biggest Bitcoin Conference 2014 in May in Amsterdam, there were Lamasu, GeneralByte, BitX ATM, and even MyCelium guys build some prototype, but when you wanted to pay for one and take home, you will hear: - "Sorry sir, software will be ready in few months."

But Bitcoin ATM in Amsterdam was not really needed, I sell maybe 50000 Euro worth of BTC per month. When our friends in Paris did it every day. The good think was, that this ATM was first initiative to forget about banks their fiat money and create a self sustaining circle. All happens as always in life, unexpected. At first i had 2 Bitcoin ATM's in my living room, day later i sold one to the bigger miner in Netherlands. They can placed in their lobby where they were selling bitcoins. In the end they sell not even one bitcoin. The second machine i wanted to place in the center on Amsterdam. Which i did few days later, it's location becomes later Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam.

The location where i place my ATM decide to accept bitcoin as payment for the drinks and food. I place a QR code on the ATM with it's bitcoin address, so the sellers could just send the bitcoin to the machine for free and observe on the blockchain if their bitcoins where sold. Every tuesday and thursday I sit in the cafe with a key to the ATM waiting for the sellers to come, to pay them their cash.
Today my concept is so popular that we have a company in Amsterdam and they call themself as well bitcoin embassy amsterdam, so I guess I succeeded in that matter.
Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, what start as a great and helpful idea, become a struggles of power.

I could predict it, I remember still myself as a lonely bitcoiner.

Everyone from us beginner's was lonely. Bitcoin on it's own in the beginning was a lonely category of interests in the end people didn't name it for nothing a decentralized network. Most of us had work from home, sitting behind large monitor screens, anonymous and autonomous people running biggest invention of the 21 century. We love it. It was money but without value yet, that give us a privilege to create something without jalousies among the participants. No one could could be richer the other participant, they could only earn more or less bitcoin of which the value was zero. Technology was the goal, to create a better use case for bitcoin.

This all end it in 2010 with a first 10000 BTC pizza we had a price discovery and everything moves from there. It's took 2 years more for real adoption, at first WikiLeaks then Coinbase to introduce "alpaca socks" and of course SilkRoad, the king in this jungle of anonymous payments, at least what most had think, they had to pay a price years later. Bitcoin becomes a fact, an event in human history. Bitcoin manage to enrich Us in just few short years. More and more people start to notice, more people could take an advantage of this amazing technology. More and more, "less-smart" people, they create greed in the space, the simplest human emotion introduce to Us was like a poison among not greedy individualist. Balans was lost. There was a big difference the most of them saw in bitcoin the mechanism to enrich themself. Greed took over technology, suddenly role has change, there were still some last bitcoin mohicans like Core developers or individuals as Charlie Shreem, Andreas Antonopoulos and others... but soon most of them will be eliminated, a boogey man with money was coming and he was coming soon.

We all get tricked, only few survive. Bitcoin meetups starts to appear on the world map of cities. Some are being good some are being bad, but at the time no one protest. To talk about bitcoin was good, in the end we had to inform the whole world about this technology, we have to give it in the hands of people. 2 billions creditcards user against 5 billions unbanked. Who will win this fight? I guess we already all have that knowledge.

We can all pray again :" Hodl Lord Satoshi, Hallelujah. "

I remember my first bitcoin meetup in Amsterdam. They call themself now Bitcoin Wednesday, back then it was just Bitcoin Meetup. They announced a location on their meetup page, Shouwburg Theater Leidseplein Amsterdam 19.00. It was winter january 2013, bitcoin price was at 10 $. After sitting home for 3 years in front of my computer, trying to figure out what more can i do propagate this technology, there were people meeting to talk about it. So i went to the theater to meet them. I was shy, so I walk around looking through the windows. I saw some group of strange looking guys, I make one more turn to walk again around windows so i could take a better look. Then i went home, I was still not ready. I did it every months, February I manage to walk into the cafe, to walk around them just to hear what they are talking about, but I was still not ready, so I just left. Finally we had March 2013 coming with it's 260 $ bitcoin price. Everyone starts to notice bitcoin now, this months i went to my first bitcoin meetup. We all just sit, walk talk with each other, being 1000 percent enthusiastic. In the and we had our Bitcoin to the Moon days.

As i travel i stay every two days in different location. I pay for my holidays from the trades i make on Yobit. I have around 18 BTC on the exchange, from which 10 BTC is in altcoins which i trade to double my bitcoin stash. I am no really a trader, when I buy something for 1, i sell for 2 or more, usually more, as every year i have a better knowledge of their highest and lover prices. As you all know everything in cryptos comes in waves. When any altcoin price went up it must goes down as well. You just wait and have to believe. From my daily earnings on Yobit, which is around 0.1 BTC per day I spend 20 percent on my expenses and hotels, 30 percent to learn locals about trading by giving them my affiliate from Yobit and after they open an account i give them 100$ in Bitcoin to start trading. The last 50 percent i save.

I started to preach Bitcoin last week, the night my six friends left to Poland to their jobs. The hotel i stay is run by Cambodian family, they have 5 sons all helping to run business. They were enthusiastic when i told them story about bitcoin, every day I stay they known more and more. They become even more enthusiastic when I told them last day that the way to spread this evangelie of bitcoin amongst people its to give them the part of bitcoin, so they can be now a believers as well.

"More bitcoin you hold more you believe" - I told them - "So now i have to give you some bitcoin and I have to show you the way to multiply your belief by learning trading. I will give you each 100$ in BTC".
They were very happy, my total bill for a 5 days accomodation was only 260$ and i just give them 500. After I show them how to trade, I told them:

"For every transaction you will made you are going to pay 0.02 % commision to the exchange from which i will get 20%. If you guys gonna be successful i am going to be successful too and I can give more 100 $ to people".
It's nice and easy, they earn 300-400$ monthly, so someone giving them 100$ in bitcoin its fine.
Next night I stayed in new hotel run by germans, clean and luxurious. There was a Cambodian boy working in the reception who arrange for me the other day the private speed boat, so i could take my polish friends arounds the islands and lonely beaches. I was sitting in the closed restaurant on the beach, it was 11 in the night, i start rolling the joint. Suddenly he appears from the dark.

"Hi" - he says - " How was a speed cruise sir?"
" Great. How are you?"- I asked.
" It's my last day here Sir, i am starting my own business tomorrow. I open a shop with my wife in the next village".
I started to prepare my liturgical mass and soon he left with 100$ of BTC.

I am going to shower and then i jump into the ocean. See you tomorrow.

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I started this year an experiment, a long term experiment one can say, it's will take whole year. Best part for the readers, you can follow me this whole year, as I travel through many countries on few continents taking active part in my journey.
Will do so!

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At First, when I read about Sathosi school, I thought maybe it's a small school of couple children. But it have more then 100 Champions!!!

Love to Satoshi School & Salute @skorek.


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steemit is great

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That is just out of the ordinary

"In 2014 he sold his house in Amsterdam and bought BTC, I called it strong belief system"

I just got into BTC not long lost more than half my invest in "BURST" still need a tutor on investment though ..
Thanks for the story...

Kudos to Satoshi school , kudos to the management

You have a very noble idea @satoshischool, many people have treasures but few are willing to pay attention to the lives of people around him. respect me for you and hopefully the school you pioneered succeeded to help those who lack the funds to learn

Like a magician i a movie HARRY PORTER...

To sponsor and fund Satoshischool you just need upvote and resteem the post...

nice post

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I recommend checking this free online conference inspired by Ricardo Semler's disruptive style of management

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To sponsor and fund Satoshi School you just need upvote and resteem the post...

To sponsor and fund Satoshi School you just need upvote and resteem the post...

To sponsor and fund Satoshi School you just need upvote and resteem the post...