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Hey steemers ;)

I talked about this in a video weeks back..... and I proclaimed that China's banning of ICO's (or anything crypto related) will only transfer and ultimately create more demand elsewhere.

I hate to say I told you so but..... I told you so!

Now it's official: Japan is 100% pro crypto.

Countries that try and control, surprise, or manipulate crypto will simply be ignored, circumvented - and brutally left behind.

A country as economically powerful as Japan adopting crypto's is a strong signal. It says to the world "Crypto is here to stay. Get on board or you'll miss the train."

I predict that the countires that full embrace the revolution will not only because financial powerhouses - they will attract the best people to live in those countries. I'm not just talking about the Fintech capitol. I'm talking about the Bitcoin Millionaires, The Crypto Kids, Entrepreneurs, Voluntarists..... and anyone and everyone who can smell what the rock is cookin' ;)

And it's a beautiful thing. And it will be a beautiful world.... at least.... some of it :)

Nice post here:



Great post, completely agree, upped&Fol!

I agree 100%

Yeah man do it in japan$$$

Great post, love your video!

Full of fact... You are creative @sashadaygame

Smart countries like Japan and Switzerlard are pro crypto, they totally understood the fact that they can’t fight this war so why not try and embrace the technology? All of the others will be left behind

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Those that adapt, survive. And that's more true in business than anywhere else.

I can see a future where the early adopters, both on the individual level and on the national level, are so much better off in the world.

Exactly right, we are seeing it happen now !!! :)

so far only japan seem pro. would like to see a few more big nations come on board, then our tickets to the moon will be secure

It's more than just Japan.... but Japan was a HUGE step! :) More will follow....

Hope your right..but what country doesn't want control of their own money? I sometimes think we're creating our own doom. E-money wont free us..it will control us

It's not single country currency.

Their are 206 states in the world. (As recognized by the United Nations)

So if one country tries to ban BTC. Then there are still 205 sovereign states left.
Were crypto would still be legal.

So it's hard to kill BTC by banning it.

It's not hard, it's impossible >that's what is so f'ing amazing!!! :)

True enough.

Doesn’t China do most of the mining?

They probably just wanted to scare everyone before they sanction Chinese-based exchanges like Binance, and Chinese coins like NEO.

They can see the bright crypto future, no doubt. And they expect to dominate it somehow.

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