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RE: BITCOIN for BEGINNERS - Get Your Ticket to the Moon! [Account Setup, Purchasing, Transferring]

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Once again a really super video! Where do you find the energy? Ah, to be young again. Keep on doing that thing you do. Remember, don't leave for the moon without me!

You are OUTSTANDING! Keep up the good work. I am trying to upvote you everyday. You are better than I at providing good content, so I am riding your coat tails.

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I also want to share with you a very neat customizable cryptocurrency ticker I have found for use with the Google Chrome Browser: Cryptocurrency Price Tracker. I have tried some others, but this seems to be the best one due to its ease of adaptability. This extension uses API from website and all information is gathered from there, updating every 5 minutes more or less.

Respectfully as always,


I hope it is okay. I shared this video to D-Tube. If that is not good, I am sorry. I did not think to ask first. Now I am having trouble figuring out how to delete it. I was just wanting to promote you, not steal your thunder. Your video is here: BITCOIN FOR BEGINNERS

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Please forgive my enthusiasm and lack of thinking before acting.


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