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Bitgrail bad news


Two hours ago it was published on Bitgrail website that 17 million worth of Nano coins were hacked. As you may already know, we reported also some days ago the Scandal that happened when the CEO announced that all XRB positions would be exchanged to BTC after the non-EU accounts were verified.

09.02.2018 7.JPG

As you know I do not like to spread FUD, hence I would only say that I find highly suspicious that this is happening so shortly after the last week's problems with Bitgrail. This smells fishy and I hope that the Financial Italian watchdogs, if not the European ones, would come and take a close look to what happened.

Furthermore, I hope that this will not further impact the lack of credibility in the crypto space.

Nano deep in red after news

As expected the market has reacted with a 20% plunge on Nano price at the time of press.

Nano 10.2.png

Be safe and start putting your assets in hard wallets, avoid by all means keeping your money in wallets where you have no control of the private keys

GIF 2.gif

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Remember MtGow! The platform was closed. The loss had been payed by all customers of the platform! Till today we are waiting for the little rest of our money :-(

Better was BitFinex. All customers of platform had to pay for the loss. The platform still exists. They learned a lot and implemented a lot of security features.

Good luck for the responsible guys.


Indeed, I expect much more repercussions on this, since now the crypto space is much larger than when Mt. Gox happened. Also, I can not believe that the Nano team was aware from Feb. 8th and did nothing about it.
I hope the responsible ones go to justice.
Thanks for your comment, upvote and resteem @ajaub1962!


We all hope for justice on this but first of all it would be great to really knows what happened. It looks like every part involved wants to cover their asses :S


Unfortunately that is so, I hope the truth will come out. I am still quite sure that BG was operating unlawfully from a long time ago. The previous scandal regarding account "freezes" was just a way to avoid the XRBs withdraws, they are short on XRB probably since months! Let's see what happens next.

This is such a tragedy.

I wrote a similar report on this as well, feel free to check it out and leave an upvote!



Thanks for your comment Steven, I saw your post also. Crazy how things are doing right now, looks like we have a Hack scandal every two weeks. We need to raise awareness among Crypto users on withdrawing funds from Exchanges!


Yeah, security on exchanges hasn't been the best as of late. It seems l like we have similar interests, so I followed you - would love if we could connect on Steemit and support each other on this journey!

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It's scary how frequently this happens. Absolutely shameful that Firano tried to push his inadequacies onto the XRB development team, he has known about these issues for months.

Regardless, thanks for the update santana!


Indeed my friend, shameless and abusive. I want to see what comes out of the investigations, I am afraid someone is not telling the complete truth. I am invested in Nano and this is not what I was looking for at all. Is one of those projects who has it all to win, but they had such a bad timing for everything, looks like a haunted project XD. Thanks for your comment and support!