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Bither BTR
Faucet airdrop

Every 2 hours you will have a chance (spinner) to win up to 25 BTR tokens (~$30)
+25% of your referrals' earnings.

Total reserved tokens for airdrop is 700,000 Bither (~$ 756,000)


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  • Register an account on Bither Platform
  • Verify your E-mail and login to your account.
  • Click on ''Get Bither'' on your dashboard.
  • Set your ETH wallet address on your profile.

You can click on ''Get Bither'' every two hours and earn up to 25 BTR

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Also don't forget the free ETH bot

The chance of winning up to 1 ETH every day absolutely for free by pressing the “Get ETH coupon” button and complete a task which can be cashed in for starting from 0.000001 ETH and up to 1 ETH.

You will receive different amount of ETH when your friend completes a task or invites his friend!

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