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RE: PalmPay v1.3 is finally done - Epic release

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

Does palmpay support/plan to support segwit?
If so get listed here:
#please accept segwit :)
Also is there a reason why Bitcoin is not mentioned here?

Cryptocurrencies bring Global Sales; Bitcoin Cash, bitUSD, bitEUR, bitRUB, bitXCD, bitSilver, Steem, Litecoin and more


Of course :) Segwit, Core, LN, even Diamond and Gold at some point. We mention both Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash as equally as possible. I know you guys have quite the rivalry going still. I think we have the same agenda though, get crypto to the masses.

Wait your going to list BTCC :P
But yeah I glad your not getting too political 👌
Since you plan to accept segwit for Bitcoin might you list your site on Bread wallet owned site ? Could let more people know about Palm pay :)
I not accusing you or anything but was there reason why Bitcoin was not mentioned in this part of your site? I would expect bitcoin be there bc it the biggest coin...

Because in SEO/SEP, at least traditionally, using both words will return qualified results on search engines. However, if you only mention Bitcoin, then the term Bitcoin Cash would be less likely to appear in search results, hence our use of the full term Bitcoin Cash so that searches for Bitcoin will come up at the same time, and redundancies in verbage don't happen. We have paid our entire Developer team in BTC for over 4 years now if that matters :) Imagine what that page would look like if we listed all 2800+ cryptos right there ;)

ah that makes sense 👌but if I didn't know you guys before-I would of accused of being Btc shills and you a BCH shill. That title part should be something that might need to be fixed later on but keep up the good work :)
Can't wait to see Segwit enabled for bitcoin on palm pay :)

What's wrong with being a shill? When you love something, tell the world about it :)

Don't be embarrassed, and don't let the schoolyard bullies recluse you. We shill for all kinds of cool looking projects out there.

Nothing wrong forsay unless your running a business/service. The service should be as neutral as possible. I don't like services getting to political. For exp, Bitcoin(dot)com is one of them that went to far. I don't mind BCH but services like Bitcoin(dot)com make me dislike them more. Hence being neutral atleast in the service/application layer is better: )
We all love(shill) our crypto/stuff but not everyone should do it.

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