Love Bitcoin? Use Okcoin exchange? Okcoin will donate to Bitcoin developers on your behalf(for free-ish)

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The Bear Market has built many products and brought newer matured product. It however also allowed for new initiatives that donate to open source projects. From Binance to Bitmex to Cash app. Some many of which fund Bitcoin development.
However more is needed IMO. So many exchanges benefit on Bitcoin. Atleast >30% of voume is usually bitcoin.
But many of have yet to give back. is one of the few organizations that have got some donations from exchanges and make it super easy for exchanges to donate but many still don't :(

It not too big of a deal-bitcoin developers still code and enough is present to keep bitcoin strong but more devs would make more features come faster and security as well :P

So it came to much shock when I saw this:


I know Okcoin is also allowing scammy project or shady ones like BSV and BCH to get a chance to get money but this is where you can come.
If you used Okcoin before you are almost set. For new users-you need $200 but should be able to keep most of it back(maybe lose some money via fees...).
Here what you need to do:

Not bad. Hopefully next time they'll donate to btc first :P
Anyway here the link to start the process/read more:

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