Wait bitcoin is still splitting?

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With all the fanfare Segwit2x lock-in period has been getting, it seems that anti-segwit supporters are making their move to split bitcoin. On August 1, a group of miners, developers and bitcoin users will activate a User Activated Hard Fork to split the chain creating BitCoin Cash.


Bitcoin cash supporters insist on removing the segwit code and build the blockchain on how Satoshi Nakamoto had envisioned. The new fork will implement an on-chain only solution on the scaling issue which means only bigger blocks will be implemented in the future.

**ViaBtc begins trading BITCOON CASH(BCC) for Chinese yuan **

ViaBtc had announced their support on he new blockchain last July 17 and trading Bitcoin cash went live on July 22, 2017.

ViaBtc is allowing the trade of Bitcoins for Bitcoin cash and BTC_Frozen2 tokens. The BTC_Frozen2 tokens can only be redeemed to 1btc after the chain split has been done.

Now that a chain split is certain, users and miners now have the power to choose which blockchain they support. Will BTC reign over Bitcoin cash or will bitcoin cash die and leave us with one chain?

At least people can now support which scaling solution they want without the toxic politics that comes with it.


bitcoin cash.org

ViaBtc trading bitcoin cash

ViaBtc prepares for hardfork

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