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#BitCart Dumps Bitcoin👎 , Goes #Dash -Only🙌

Posted by Joël Valenzuela

BitCart has announced that they will be removing Bitcoin as a payment option, providing exclusive support for Dash.

Earlier this year, the Ireland-based startup, which offers users a 15% discount on Amazon.com gift cards when using cryptocurrency, integrated Dash as a payment option alongside Bitcoin, leading to an overwhelming influx of orders. Now, BitCart is dropping Bitcoin functionality, meaning its customers can only use Dash.

Bitcoin’s slow confirmations caused BitCart to go full Dash

This move to go Dash-only was due to increasingly slow transactions for Bitcoin, according to BitCart CEO Graham de Barra:

“From a merchant’s point of view, Bitcoin is extremely problematic. The backlog is vast and transactions speeds are terribly slow. I had to wait three entire weeks to fill two customer orders, simply waiting on the Bitcoin network to clear. Bitcoin as a method of payment on BitCart is simply not sustainable and it’s a nightmare from a merchant point of view; every twenty or so transactions the platform would stop working and we would have to reintegrate the API.”

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