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Episode #81 - Announcing the next giveaway - A TREZOR Hardware Wallet! Jump on it!



I love it that you give something back to the #cryptonation in this early stadium TO THE MOON

Thanks for giving back to the #cryptonation! Even though you haven't taken and been giving the whole time! Resteemed!

I hope your giveaway went well bud, and... Doge to the Moon! 🐶

Joined the BitsizeBitcoin pub, great fun!!!

Damn. I started to watch your channel daily.
Like your pov for all things that happen.

Hope you will stay the same cool guy (not like suppoman or other spam affiliate hustlers, hehe) after you make that fork (from, your man Charlie Lee LTC) with your coin!

Not clear yet with what time you had there, but i saw today at my 18.05h you ended live stream and said smth about 11 am and said about an interview you had to go. We are here EEST. You said smth about EST?

Hope will see the rules in time and enter also the contest. More for fun... :-)

Nice to see you here too.

Cheers to... your moon and hope ours too!

L.E.: entered the pub too, but i need to have time and remember to go there too.

Hello and welcome, I am a new to this community, I try to find my way up and increase the numbers of followers I already follow you would you please follow [email protected] @samuraiz Good luck

I love my trezor and my ledger too! Can't wait till we giveaway the leather cases too - -

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