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PRINCIPLE BASED TRADING - Ground Yourself for Massive Gains!

in bitcoin •  last year

Episode #73 - Principle Based Trading allows you to trade with confidence. Stick to your principles and you shall succeed!

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Holy shit I need this video, easy to get caught up buying the highs...


Doing the damn thang!

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Congratulations, I really liked your article, I hope you continue to share this kind of information.


i'm always posting! every day!

Great video. Rule number 3 is very important. It is also one of the Warren Buffet rule.


I've watched a lot of videos on this topic. I really appreciate this positive video; it's candid. Thank you.


thank you. i try to be transparent as i can. i'm not perfect. but i'm trying to grow the crypto space! to the moon!

I really want to start earning money through investing here @cryptocurrencies.. just like this video it keeps me inspire how to make a good start . make more videos and keep inspiring us saddington


thank you! keep it locked! make sure you get in on the giveaway!