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Episode #52 - I believe that radical transparency can fundamentally change the world. Be true. Be honest. Be open. Show for the world to see. No hiding. Real talk.

I'm thinking about doing this every 1000 subscribers. You know... to keep things fully transparent!


Love your videos. Followed Upvoted & Subscribed :)

Thank you! Let's do this together!

Thank you for this video! I truly enjoyed the content & information. I included your video here on my Steemit Blog. https://steemit.com/life/@joedirt/25-days-of-progress I am going to be following you now & I am going to repost this here on my steemit account. I am super new to Crypto, Coins, and Steemit - but I am having the time of my life (as an old dog) ha,ha

Joe, you'll do much better following this advice, less so jerry (way less so). Age is relative, if your gramdma lived to be 102, that doesn't make you old if you have decades yet to play in crypto's!!

You got it brother. We have plenty of time!

Thanks man! I'm here to help. That's it! The more people use crypto, the more we can grow the technology and endless possibilities that haven't come out yet!

Great video @saddington as always! I really like how you are transparent and simplify things ! let s go to the MOON togheder!

As i was a one of your first subscribers i am looking forward to the next EVERYTHING!

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 23.14.32.png

OMG> I am now going to post this on my next video!

Tonight was the first time I have seen one of your videos. I subscribed on youtube, am now following here on steemit, going to give you an upvote & resteem. As well I will tweet it out to my followers. Hope you enjoy it here on steemit.

Thanks man! Glad you're here! Ohh man. Really appreciate the tweet. I want to spread the word!

Great video for anyone starting new in the crypto space! Really helpful and encouraging if you are in for the long haul. Thanks.

Yes sir! It took me 3.5 years to grow my portfolio. That's the power of discipline over time.

What a day to get your brother involved yesterday with btc shooting up in price, he must think you the smarter twin!!!

HA! Well, he's not looking for short term gains. We in it for the long run. So, price of 2600 vs 2200... negligible in the long run!

Thanks - will keep an eye out for your videos!

Thanks! Share the love around!

Thanks for making videos like this and sharing knowledge.

You're welcome! I'm all about radical transparency!

Invested about $100 and will invest another $100 next month. The trading stuff still confuses me, but I am looking at long term goals.

I have downloaded Exodus.io in accordance with your suggestion to not store BITCOIN and Alt-coins on exchanges. This is an outstanding Desktop Wallet!


I have also found a Desktop Wallet for Rippel (XRP) called RIPPEX.

I use the Fedora 26 computer operating system on my work computer, so both of these type wallets work perfectly for me! I just drop them into my home folder. I, of course, have made backups which is very, very important!

Have a great week Peter, and keep being the best you that you can be! 고맙습니다. 달에 가자.

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