INVESTING $10,000 into Bitcoin on January 1, 2011 - PROFIT NOW?

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Episode #66 - What would you have now if you invested $10,000 into bitcoin on January 1, 2011? Find out how depressing it is!


That's assuming you didn't lose it, sell it when it tripled, or have it hacked.

Not to mention, there were basically ZERO ways to "buy" it in 2011. Coinbase didn't come around until at least a year later.

The only way you could have come across it was to mine it, and security was sparse back then (ha..."back then" as if it was centuries ago).

This would be better if it started in 2012 when it was much easier to "buy".

Yup. I spent mine on weed. ... ... yep. Sad. I know.

not a good mentality to live by, i was looking at ripple when it was at .005$ i bought in at 20 cents. i ain't tripping tho, im holding for 5 years

It's a good thing I don't live by this mentality! Stick around and check out my other videos! This one is just for the lols!

I remember where I was, I remember the name of the author (Brandon Smith) whose article I was reading discussing this stuff called bitcoin.. In 2010 I signed up and got 2 free bitcoins. I forgot about them along with that long number thingy. It's possible I printed it somewhere or it's still lurking in that computer and I've been on a couple treasure hunts for the lost bitcoins! So all your numbers will continue to take on new meaning!!! No regrets, it put me a little ahead of the curve !!Great Fun!!!

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