GUIDE: MAKE MONEY TRADING ALT COINS - 100% Guaranteed Strategy

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Episode #67 - My strategy for making money with altcoins.

  • Invest incrementally
  • Pick a goal
  • HODL till goal

Remember all the same rules apply:

  • Find good coins that have a solid team, solid tech, solid future prospectus!
  • Don't play with money you're not willing to lose
  • Play the long game - Set goals
  • Don't exit until you make your money!!!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

New Fan here.. Love your videos spent most of today watching them :)

Thank you invite others! Let's grow together!

i am ready for that if you acept

I like the way you think, although few things have a 100% guarantee, I like your strategic thinking.
On your Excel formula line for the "Do it?" formula, do you think it should be = and > $1000? As the price will rarely equal $1000 exactly.
Keep up the great work, I'm a big fan and appreciate what you're doing!

Ooo. Good catch. Maybe that's why it's always says HODL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha "100% Guaranteed"....uhhhh ok. So you'll give me my money back if I lose it all?


Great advice. I have to get organized like that. Love the way you use the spread sheet to see exactly how each investment is doing.

Oh yes hodl!!!!

YOU DA MAN CRYPTO PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great education, most content this precise costs $$$, I'll need to listen one more time to soak it all in, Thanks!!

That's what's great about youtube! Replay replay replay!!! #toTheMoon!

Pick a goal and hodl-pick a goal and hodl-pick a goal and hodl

Solid video as always . Just joined steemit and bought my first altcoin. I too want to go to the moon. Keep up the good work bro.