GUIDE: MAKE MONEY TRADING ALT COINS - 100% Guaranteed Strategy

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Episode #67 - My strategy for making money with altcoins.

  • Invest incrementally
  • Pick a goal
  • HODL till goal

Remember all the same rules apply:

  • Find good coins that have a solid team, solid tech, solid future prospectus!
  • Don't play with money you're not willing to lose
  • Play the long game - Set goals
  • Don't exit until you make your money!!!


New Fan here.. Love your videos spent most of today watching them :)

Thank you invite others! Let's grow together!

i am ready for that if you acept

I like the way you think, although few things have a 100% guarantee, I like your strategic thinking.
On your Excel formula line for the "Do it?" formula, do you think it should be = and > $1000? As the price will rarely equal $1000 exactly.
Keep up the great work, I'm a big fan and appreciate what you're doing!

Ooo. Good catch. Maybe that's why it's always says HODL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha "100% Guaranteed"....uhhhh ok. So you'll give me my money back if I lose it all?


Great advice. I have to get organized like that. Love the way you use the spread sheet to see exactly how each investment is doing.

YOU DA MAN CRYPTO PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great education, most content this precise costs $$$, I'll need to listen one more time to soak it all in, Thanks!!

That's what's great about youtube! Replay replay replay!!! #toTheMoon!

Pick a goal and hodl-pick a goal and hodl-pick a goal and hodl

Solid video as always . Just joined steemit and bought my first altcoin. I too want to go to the moon. Keep up the good work bro.

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