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Episode #73 - Donald Trump Supports China and Antshares (NEO) for world domination!


Me n me peops salute / support you! Your approach to 'investing' is rock solid, and it is nice to see people who are truly investing in these technologies, not just turning a quick buck with a few high-risk trades. Your recent video on NEO was excellent! We look forward to more great and very helpful work from thee! Thank you.

p.s. maybe consider promoting STEEM/STEEMIT a lil more on your YouTube Chan .. Bite Size Bitcoin! .. woo .. like dat! ;-)

Thanks man. I should pump the steemit community!

Saddington knows it's about the macro and consistent games over time I am learning a shit load from his videos

killing the game!

very quick funny video. hahaha.. how did you made this?..

I made it with my imagination... and adobe premiere pro cc...

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