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Episode #74 - What are your BITCOIN moon goals? Set them, keep them, execute upon them, learn, grow, rinse, repeat! Keep on winning!


In my own opinion there is no such thing as final price for Bitcoin, because as we all know price of Bitcoin keeps going up , and going down. Price is not stable and that is the good thing about Bitcoin, If prices goes down it is an opportunity to buy and once it goes up then we sell. If ever someday price will be stable then no one will trade it anymore. People will use alt coins instead.

WORD. Store of value!

Love the energy of you in your videos

Thanks! We doing it for the people!

Another awesome video so much knowledge yo... write your goals and focus. Prioritize and execute

Very nice idea. keep sharing your mre videos here.. i want to learn more how do it right

Thank you! Keep it locked!

As always great content and motivation. Bout' time we had some fun while going to the moon!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this investing is fun (well most of the time!

Always good to see you girl!

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