Blockchain Geopolitics: Is It East vs. West or Is It Large Countries vs. Small?

in #bitcoin2 years ago

While Canada has delayed its crypto regulation update until 2020, Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) and General Michael Hayden are joining other prominent leaders in the crypto space at Korea’s Block Seoul event. Could it be the East is winning touth Korea is an extremely tech-savvy country that has heavily invested in its internet infrastructure. Samsung and LG have already established themselves as global brands in technology and consumer electronics. Seoul is ranked as the world's "leading digital city" and a tech capital of the world. South Korea’s top two crypto exchanges (Upbit and Bithumb) are among the top 25 exchanges.

While Korea had its own ICO crackdown, its citizens were already deeply invested in blockchain, contributing to 14 percent of the global crypto market. South Korea lifted the ban later. Korea has taken it even further by potentially integrating blockchain in its vohe blockchain race, attracting the brilliant minds of the West while the Western countries become client states?

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