Portfolio Updates ETH, LTC, XTZ, ARDR

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I did some additions to my portfolio and I'd like to share why I made such choices! Always remember not to invest more than what you can lose. My previous portfolio post is here: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@s4m0ht/how-i-ve-built-my-crypto-currency-portfolio .



Ok ok.. you know I believe the technology is iffy at best BUT its marketing is huge and there will be the new epoch (introduction of new features) coming up in 10 days or so. The introduction of the current epoch marked the beginning of the big rally for ETH so this time I don't want to miss it. That's it really, I still don't believe it's secure and developer friendly and I am sure that large corporations will prefer to run their private nodes and won't adopt the public token. Nonetheless I believe that the new features, coming with the new epoch, will drive the price higher. I will check the price again in about 6 month and see whether to quit or if it makes sense to stay into ETH. Another of the main reasons why I bought it is that when pension funds and other large institutions will buy into cryptos they will buy into the top 3/4 cryptos at first and ETH (for how much I don't like it) will for sure sit there. I therefore also believe that 2018 will be the year where some pension fund will buy into cryptos and I want to ride that!


I didn't buy earlier because I was seeing it just as a modified version of Bitcoin, so I thought that it was not diverse enough from BTC and that I was not hedging my BTC value by holding also LTC. I've changed my mind during summer when it became clear to me that LTC is the testing ground for new BTC features. Segwit, lightning network, atomic swaps etc are first tested on LTC and then ported into BTC. Buying into LTC is like purchasing a larger stock of BTC R&D. Moreover there will be about 4 times as many LTC as BTC, so even scarcity may be a point in favour of LTC.


I took part in very little ICOs because I believe they are not a proper tool for investing and they will be sanctioned sooner or later. Tezos was different because they were actually selling the currency that they're developing and they had a sound use case for that currency. Actually ETH has solid use cases, Tezos is going to build a better technology with which solve such use cases.


This is the most exotic pick I did during the summer, Jelurida is the software house working on NXT a completely different technology base w.r.t. BTC or ETH. Such completely different technology is an hedge against eventual problems that can bug the other blockchains (miner wars in BTC, hacker paradise in ETC, etc..). The thing that really sold me this one is the team, where there is an high experienced developer who worked in the early ebay. Of course this was my minor pick, also, Ardor, when released, will be a PoS so you should take it out of exchanges and let it rest in your private wallet.

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