Too Late To Investing in CryptoCurrency? [09.05.17]

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Dear Steem users.

I was thinking lately... Is it too late to invest in Cryptocurrency in 2017?

I've been recommended CryptopCurrencies to friends since January 2017, but you know what? People are skeptical as usual.

A huge increase nearly all types of currencies the last 5 months. The market cap is nearly trippel since then. What will happen in 2018? Thanks to Japan for legalised the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. What country is the next?

Is it possible to get a million dollar for only one hundred dollar? (Like Bitcoins back in the days)

Best Regards,

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The scepticism is what makes cryptocurrency a good investment, less people get in than they should, this makes it a good market.
Returns may vary but I think you can still make good money in this cryptoworld, maybe not millions but certainly nice amounts of money.

Exactly. You just made things clearer. The volatility of crypto adds to skepticism and we think that adds to good of the cryptomarket!

True Story.

We had just to wait the cryptocurrency to be more "mainstream"

Steem is definitely helping in this regard!

I believe now is the time to invest in crypto-currency. I would suggest scaling in with most investment in "bell-weathers" such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and a portion into more speculative ones. jmho

Interesting article. Same mindset here. The crypto space brings the biggest group of uneducated investors with it. This group will only grow. We do need more indept investment analysis. An interesting website I found: The site that lets you check all there is to know about the team, product, communication transparency, advisors and investment statistics on every crypto.