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Crypto is underestimated! Just invest for long term!

Its going to be a dream come true

Really great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you and keep bringing out the great content!

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Imvesting in bitcoin now will it be nice and wise? also how can I differentiate the coins that will grow from the ones that won't everyone's white paper seems interesting

Nice video manage my small upvote it all I got😉

Hey Ryan,

Liking the content my man. I'm recruiting content creators to bring on the team for sponsorship by my company if you're interested feel free to reach out to me at:

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I believe Q4 we will reach the trillion dollar mark, catalyst will be BTC above 20k. For now we will continue to movie sideways I believe.

Crypto to the moon

most likely on Q4 2018, all time high over 25k.

nice video brother alot of good information honestly i truely belive crypto is the future and alot of tech that crypto is bringing up is going to be the future. Alot of movies are based on those technology also BITCOIN is the King of crypto and market cap will go to 1 trillion atleast this year, I wish good luck to all for that now my next question i have for you is how in the hell you have $150 with 7 upvotes i would like 10% of that if i can lol .
HELP a brother out here let me know the secret brother @ryanblue7s

Very nice video and good information, greettings from Venezuela, i hop you support, thank you!!!

nice video brother


great of your job and good idea for this video

Полезное видео, автор спасибо

Can't imagine what will happen if it hits a trillion...

case if when not if at this point

Thanks for sharing this video...Nice...

Should this be the case, BTC will lead the pack in market cap.

Your post is very good!

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Amazing video! Thanks, @ryanblue! Keep going on it.

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