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Introducing the new Trading platform that is
hello friends…!!! Previously I thank you for the willingness to visit my Blog site. Here I will discuss a blockchain project called TRADEPLAYZ, this blockchain leads more to the satisfaction of “Fantasy Trading and Investment” by allowing you to earn an income or reward. Of course the platform has its own satisfaction. Because for this project has been created, well without long I will explain what is TRADEPLAYZ.

What is Tradeplayz?

TradePlayz is a mobile platform intended to play “Fantasy Trading and Investment” by allowing you to earn revenue / rewards based on true value. True appreciation based on true value through TPZ tokens. We believe that the best game element is the excitement and spirit of trade and investment, can be obtained from an honest and fair platform, which is also thrilling. Just play games, learn the market, teach yourself to experience and actively trade. In this way, we actively encourage and help our users to enrich their lives mentally, Raise the stakes!
By remembering these elements, we combine them with blockchain technology; where all games are held between real people. Thus, players create unique and thrilling personalities and environments, from our products.
Tradeplayz comprises the first building technology and liquidity for our platform as a B2C operator to prove the desire, integrity and credibility of our solutions to locally selected markets that adhere strictly to legal standards, maintaining consistent growth and growth rates; and finally, grow globally.

Platform Tradeplayz

Aims to provide the best binary option platform in the market by providing honest, fair, guaranteed payment with 100% transparency at the highest award level and best user friendly. system for gamers / users / players / investors. The TradePlayz platform does not make any money. loss trader but from cost per game.

Cryptocurrency exchange list:

After the end of the Token Sale campaign — tokens can be bought or sold easily
many cryptocurrency exchange markets. The number of stock exchange markets will grow with
Increased trading platform turnover and user demand from different countries.
Our team plans to introduce Zed tokens to over 12 international horrors
stock Exchange
Once we reach it — it will be possible to exchange Zed tokens for liquid chewing liquids

Distribution Token

For every char that joins in crowdsale, a personal wallet will be made, the address will be there used to register tokens.
The personal key of the wallet will be sent in automatically generated letters in the PDF file.
Tokens can be purchased for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereal (ET), fiat payments and more
Users can transfer the wallet to an easy-to-use service with ETH ERC20 support independent.
All information about the transfer will be stored in Blockchain account and user
All tokens will be stored in the personal wallet produced on the site and can be sent to
personal wallet after the end of ICO
Tokensale Overview

Over the past year, teams at TradePlayz have built platforms where gaming as well trading services will be launched. at a later stage in our development will be a release beta version of app that can be played for everyone (general) 100 Million Token Zed has been created to support user requests. This will issued after crowdsale concluded on April 15, 2018. Various discounts will be available during the various stages of the sale of the crowd (see table below). For additional information contact [email protected]







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