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If you are reading this paper, you are likely to have some knowledge about cryptocurrencies. If not, you should do some small researches on Google to find out more about it. There are hundreds of articles and communities which will show you the way. You can head for some keywords such as ICO, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and plus more. If you already did your homework, I can now explain to you why this post is written. Nowadays, ICO market is just like the Wild West during the peak time of gold rush. If you know the way, earning good money is not some difficult, but you have to find a good-enough project to invest in. Here is one of the promising projects that I am extremely excited to tell you: LCCX

Introduce to LCCX

LCCX is a new cryptocurrency exchange that aspires to be the most trusted exchanges in the world. This exchange has some differences compared to the current crypto exchanges that have been around earlier. Firstly, instead of just an exchange platform, it comes with features that can solve the common problems in crypto exchange industry.

The main goal of LCCX is to create a better environment for cryptocurrency exchange. The main problems of cryptocurrency exchange nowadays are unclear jurisdiction, poor customer service, and most importantly security. LCCX want to be a platform that clients can trust. By taking advantage of blockchain technology, it will be able to protect clients’ funds and prevent them from being hacked and stolen. Read more on the whitepaper.

Features of LCCX

· A Non-Anonymous Platform with Clear Jurisdiction

LCCX is more trustworthy because the website is not anonymous and the address of the company is clear. Unlike most crypto exchanges with unclear jurisdiction, LCCX has clear address and location. This exchange platform is based in London, which is known for its great security and stable political environment. As a result, cryptocurrency exchanges based in this area will not face any pressure from the government

· Safer

Clients’ funds are safer because the 60 to 75% of the funds are stored in an offline storage. As a result, this platform is safer from online security threats from hackers.

· Great Customer Service

With LCCX, clients will not have a hard time contacting customer service anymore. This is because the platform comes with live chat and other ways to contact the customer service.

· Low Fee

Clients can maximize their profit because this exchange service asks for a low fee, either for withdrawal, annual fee or other services.

· Trade to Hundreds of Cryptocurrencies

Clients will be able to trade their coins to any cryptocurrencies. In addition, trading to fiat currency will be very easy with LCCX.

Personal Opinions

LCCX has a potential concept and high liquidity of the tokens
The idea of this project is very clear and profitable. LCCX is developing an exchange with a new mind-set: customers matter. It has a massive potential user base to capture. But beyond that, the vast portion of the market potential is unachieved. Most of the world is not partaking in crypto because of the difficulty of entering this market. All that massive uncapitalized potential is open for LCCX to target.

London Cryptocurrency Exchange(LCCX) is the answer to all the current problems of the cryptocurrency exchange. Based in London and utilising the blockchain technology, they are ready to become the most secure cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Keeping most of their asset in the cold storage for the safety and having a low withdrawal fee for the consumers is one of the many attractive features of the platform.
LCCX Team – 18%
Advisors and early investors – 14%
Bounty and referrals – 8%
Public Token Sale – 60%


1st March 2018 – ICO bounty program launches – 3,333,334 Tokens available
1st March 2018 – Referral program launches with Allowance of 4,666,666 Tokens.
12th March 2018 – ICO Public Pre-Sale Launched with Bonus Tiers as follows:
 30% Bonus for the first 15m tokens sold (plus 5m in bonuses).
 20% Bonus for the next 9m tokens sold (plus 3m in bonuses).
 10% Bonus for the next 6m tokens sold (plus 2m in bonuses).

Q3 2017 - LCCX idea conception
Q4 2017 - Early investors, planning and building the team
Q1 2018 - Start and complete the LXT ICO
Q2 2018 - Marketing and press campaign starts with early registration
Q3 2018 - The regulated LCCX exchange platform launches with 50+ crypto coins available to trade and client’s funds insured
Q4 2018 - Additional coins added and all our systems scaled to end the year with over 100 crypto assets available to trade
Q1 2019 - The launch of our underwriting service for ICO’s to bring exclusive crypto assets to the exchange
Q2 2019 - LCCX is established with over 200 tradable crypto assets and is one of the top 5 crypto currency exchanges in the world and number 1 in the UK

Robert Benwell - Founder & CEO
Alice Copilet - Chief Legal Officer
Mark Wilson Hooper - Head of Network Security
Praveen Dagdi- Lead Exchange Developer
SuviRinkinen - Head of Business Development
Janica San Juan - Head of Marketing & PR
Ana Preda - Community Manager

Simon Cocking
Tobias Schulz
Rumen Slavchov
Viktor Petrov
Giacomo Arcaro

Its good news to have a new exchange in the blockchain industry that is created in a controlled environment, well-planned, and has its focus on security and customer service. Exchange hacks these days in the cryptocurrency community have generated mistrust in cryptocurrencies since many people who enter this business have little knowledge in security. For this reason, LCCX, with its team of dedicated experts are ensuring a better environment, well organized for its users. Join LCCX today and get the best of a trader’s experience. You can also click any of the links below to get more information about LCCX.


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