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IQeon is an upcoming platform that will allow players to monetize their achievements in mobile intelligent PvP games.
IQeon pre-sale successfully closed December 24th by reaching 99,87% of its goal of 500.000 IQN. The amount of raised money equals to 526.98 ETH.
Those of us who have not had the chance yet to invest into the project will be able to do so in about five days from now. The project addresses a wide audience, which makes it particularly interesting. Let’s take a closer look at it.
When I’ve mentioned “mobile games” you’ve probably instantly thought of titles such as Critter Splitters or Clash of Clans. Even if you don’t play them yourself, you can see those on the phones of your friends and family. After all, that’s what people play nowadays, or is that so?
Eventually, according to the research by Survey Monkey Intelligence, intelligent/puzzle games rank among the three most popular and downloadable genres. In fact, the genre enjoys the most dedicated community by ranking first place by the amount of time the average player spends in game per month. We all know that when it comes to games, what matters the most is the community and eventually the genre enjoys one of the best communities
The purpose of the project
Development of the IQeon platform further,
Creation of the IQeon ecosystem,
The formation of audiences of the platform apps and game users involved,
Establishing partnerships with game developers and game content for platforms,
Development of the right IQ Clash game line by platform.
The advantages of the IQeon platform
The IQeon team creates a flexible and accessible platform for the rapid launch of new products that allow players to compete among them on intelligent and logical tasks, accepting IQeon internal currencies for best results. Different direction for IQeon platform development is motivation application. This direction is particularly important in sports, education, and healthy lifestyle performance. Often people do not have enough inner enthusiasm to study material that is assured.

The mobile gaming market is the largest global gaming market segment and reaches 4.9 billion dollars. It is expected that the game will grow to 50% and in monetary form will reach $ 62.3 billion. Consequently the global mobile smart gaming market The rapid growth of the number of mobile devices is sure to increase in the number of mobile apps and game users.
According to research by SurveyMonkey Intelligence in the era of gaming and mobile apps, intelligent games and puzzle games take:
The first place with the amount of time spent in the game, each active user spends an average of more than 1 hour in a month,
Third place among other game genres with number of downloads,
Third place with the number of active users.
The statistics above show a high potential for the monetization of this game genre. This opportunity not only to spend time, but also to earn money, playing puzzle games, will draw attention to the game ecosystem IQeon for additional game viewers.
Issues of the smart mobile gaming market and IQeon solution:
Problem : Solutions, with the help you can, playing intellectual games, earn real money wins are not widely used in the market.
Solution : IQeon solves this problem using IQeon game currency. Receive IQeon when transferred to a platform user’s personal account is exchanged with an IQeon token, which can then be purchased and sold freely on the cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Problem : The market does not have a solution that enables the holding of PvP competition with axing conditions and automatic payment of profits to the winner.
    Solution : The creation of IQeon platform application games enables players to engage in disputes between them by placing bets on IQeon on achievements or specific events. The system will automatically pay benefits to the winner.

  2. Problems : Content writers for smart games do not have the ability to monetize their bases without serious investment in the development of technological solutions, such as mobile apps.
    Solution : The application designer based on IQeon SDK platform will be implemented. With his help, game content developers will be able to create new apps based on current game scenarios and techniques with little effort.

  3. Problem : Getting paid in games and mobile apps through the App Store and Google Play is associated with a large commission (30%).
    Solution : All commissions for IQeon token exchange (IQN) in money will not exceed 10%.

  4. Problems : Developers take one-off for in-game purchases.
    Solution : IQeon platform allows developers to earn money from each bet. The platform uses the following cost and reward systems: players who want to bet or “fight” in one game, placing the same bet (for example, 500 IQeon). The number of bets makes 1000 IQeons, 88% of which consists of prize funds, which the winner will receive, and 12% (120 IQeon) are platform fees. 50% of the platform fee is paid to the developer as a reward.

  5. Problem : Bonus and game points received in one game can not be used in other games.
    Solution : The IQeon platform solves this problem with the option to exchange local currency with IQeon tokens (IQN). Through a platform user’s personal account, the internal currency on the balance of game or platform apps can be converted to IQeon tokens (IQN) and vice versa.
    Advantages of platform for players

  6. Genericity . IQeon internal currency, earned in one game, can be used in one game.

  7. Liquidity . Using your own platform wallet IQeon tokens can be exchanged for fiat money and sent to MasterCard cards.

  8. Conversion . Using multiple cryptographic exchanges, IQeon tokens can be exchanged for other crypto currencies (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.)

  9. Reliability . Thanks to blockchain technology, all IQeon token transactions in the ecosystem are non-refundable; they are repeatedly listed in decentralized transactions lists, and are therefore protected against counterfeiting and any type of fraud. The use of intelligent contracts ensures that the terms and conditions of each dispute are recorded and unchanged and guarantee the payment of winnings.

  10. Anonymity . The IQeon platform allows players to remain anonymous.
    Platform description
    The IQeon platform focuses on a variety of applications for self-development, logical games and PvP disputes.
    Here are the scenarios developed for apps that will be implemented on the platform:

  11. Motivation and self-improvement scenario,

  12. Scenarios for PvP disputes,

  13. Scenarios for educational applications,

  14. Scenario for puzzles using the game room.

IQeon Token
Name: IQeon Token
Type: ERC20
Symbol Ticker: IQN
Platform: Ethereal
General release: 10,000,000 IQN
General description

IQeon Tokens will be released based on the Ethereum platform and fully comply with the ERC20 standard. This standard support ensures token compatibility with third-party services (wallet, exchange, listing, etc.), and provides easy integration. Together with this, the use of IQeon tokens is not limited only to the platform ecosystem. After the startup platform, the IQeon token will be available for purchase / sale on the crypto market.
Token Function
Betting and remuneration in the game room and dispute;
Remuneration for certain activities (players of the day, players of the month, etc.);
Payment of game developer remuneration;
Payment of remuneration to the owner of digital content copyright;
Remuneration payments for partner programs.
Pre-Sales Token
Starts: December 15, 2017
End: December 24, 2017
Acceptable currency: ETH
Number of tokens sold: 500,000 IQN
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 700 IQEON
Minimum transaction amount: 3 ETH
Token main offer
Starts: January 30, 2018
End: March 13, 2018
Acceptable currency: ETH, BTC, LTC
The goal of maximum increase: 20,000 ET
Number of tokens sold: 6,500,000 IQN
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 325 IQEON
Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH
Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

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