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Game Loot Network hosts an Internet platform Together with Person curated Games and game tools. Using blockchain technology in its heart, it will disrupt the internet gaming market.

The Loot Network game serves as a program store, using curated matching along with Features powered by blockchain technology. Even cryptocurrency, LOOT, allows the stage to always be a radical onstop shop for every game - from dramabuy, get, to style.

With us you can do Whatever You Want since we are 7 million. The amusement platform worked in chain pieces. Upheld deliberately, we have collected improvement accomplices whose games have in excess of 100 Million downloads finish.

The Loot Network Game Platform changes game releases utilizing the incorporated crowdfunding entrance. The embodiment lies in the way that originators show their game thoughts in indexes on platform screens. Their proposition page may incorporate screen captures, exhibitions, or edges from the game. Afterward, the client offers Loot bookmarks to support promising activities that stimulate their advantage. Rather than their cryptocoins, advocates get a level of income from the up and coming title. In this manner, decentralized groups deliver the game on popularity based requests. The work plot is very straightforward.

Once the last forex venture is finished, they produce income, both for designers and supporters. In this manner, free craftsmen cut expenses, and players get pay from games that assistance them.

Plunder Token goes about as a money for prizes on the platform. With the assistance of Loot, platform clients will have the chance to enter a competition with a head slant, create repeating wage through centered games, purchase game impetuses, offer on online closeouts, get extra income, lastly download games made exclusively for Loot platforms will prosper , devouring broad utilities for applications.

Restrictive promoting can be isolated into 3 focuses:

Enroll at Loot Network Game. The enrollment expense is 125 dollars. For this you get a few "instruments to work" and the title of Ambasador (as a GLN call accomplice).

Welcome 3 individuals to the organization. Once your referral interface is enrolled with 3 individuals, you will get a $ 250 commission.

Automated revenue from Game Loot Network. Subsequent to finishing the initial two focuses, you get $ 5 easy revenue for every day.

Mission Game Loot Network

Here, Game Loot Network will support engineers and gamers by making virtual platforms that reward players and designers with genuine esteem and encourage the outline of 'Any-Budget' games.

Presenting Loot Network Game

The $ 7 million socio-games platform incorporated with the blockchain, with games that are curated and planned by the group. What's more, upheld by a game improvement accomplice whose creation gathered in excess of a hundred million downloads

Plunder Token goes about as a passageway to each blessing asset on the platform. With Loot, clients will enter straight on competitions, produce repeating monetary benefits through crowdfunding games, purchase in-game enhancements, offer on online sales, procure more income, and at last exchange games made particularly for the platform. Plunder can advance, kept up with utility in wide application.

Gaming Reimagined: The Platform

Together with the neighborhood LOOT cryptographic money, the stage comprehends the foundational issues inside the gaming business. Customers enter the application, make a login, and load the Game Loot Network™ battle. The inside point features three entryways


Through this passage originators and customers get to a crowdfunding list. Non standard organizers display their game wants to a summary inside this screen. Their recommendation page may consolidate screen catches, demos, or gameplay film. Customers offer LOOT tokens to help hopeful undertakings. In return for their cryptocoins, support get a pay making level of the anticipated game. Originators diminish costs and get a helped ground floor following. A decentralized total along these lines conveys games through greater part lead ask. If an idea merits responsibility it will be recognized; creatives will thrive unburdened by spending goals


This gateway will have a decentralized application store and embedded games. Customers can play inside the stage or download curated titles. In a self-overseeing circle, contemplations conveyed in the Build entrance make pay for gamers and organizers in the Play entryway.

Token Details

The Loot token acts as a gateway to every reward resource on the platform. With Loot, users can enter head-to-head tournaments, generate recurring revenue through crowdfunded games, purchase in-game boosts, bid on online auctions, earn extra income, and eventually download games built exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, nourished by extensive in-app utility.

Token name: LOOT

Token Price: $0.35

Soft Cap: 50.000.000,00 USD

Hard Cap: 75,000,000.00 USD

Total volume of token issued: 600,000,000 LOOT

Target sales of CAP (STC) US $ 50,000,000.00

Holding company GLN Holdings, INC. (WY, USA)

SAFT Entity Loot Cove Co., LLC. (WY, US)

Public token sales agent Loot Cove Co. LTD (Mauritius)

Token Supply CAP model Fixed, non-inflationary

Public Sale

Start date: May 29, 2018

Duration: 230 days.

Funds Distribution

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