Owning a bitcoin will be like owning a Ferrari 250 GTO

in bitcoin •  last year

I’m laying here thinking about the transaction fees that are attached to bitcoin currently, and I know it won’t be used by me as a currency.

It’s only value is that it’s bitcoin, and that’s enough for it to easily be worth a million dollars a coin.

Who wants to lose their bitcoin? I know I don’t. Imagine how many people will want to have ownership of a bitcoin in the near future.

A Bitcoin will be as rare as vintage Ferrari. Having the private keys to 1.0 bitcoin will be like having the keys to a vintage Ferrari.

Bitcoin is valuable because it’s bitcoin.

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But if no uses it what is the real point in value? Gold and silver we can atleast do thins with if everyone hodls bitcoin forever then it has no real value or use case... what needs to happen is fer go down to nere nothing and it be used by people daily to buy things even more so brick and mortor shops

This may happen true one day obviously, Bitcoin is the crypto beast nowadays.

Lamborghini is not so far ;)

For Comparison:

Interesting little comparison! What are your thoughts on BCH? Transaction fees are much smaller!


I like bitcoin cash


More so than BTC?