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So yesterday , I was on Binance App , when I noticed some good altcoins to be bought . But I had no funds on the app , I then monitored some few coins then bought eight new on bittrex.
Here are the list

List of Altcoins I Bought Yesterday

DASH bought it at 1Dash=$1011

STRAT bought it at 1strat=$13.8

ADX bought it at 1Adx= 3.01$

WAVES  bought it at 1waves=12.9$

XRP bought it at 1Xrp=2$

ADA bought it at 1Ada=$0.88$

XLM  bought it at 1Xlm=0$0.63

POWR bought it at 1Powr=1.4


XLM It's currently at it's all time high since I started studying it. And I'm not ready to sell anytime soon. I might regret selling if it try climbing more and more.

I'm currently regretting for selling SNT. It's currently at the top on Binance App.

I'm so happy right now , all the eight altcoins I got yesterday aren't doing bad. XLM is taking lead as of now.
Check out the graph

I promise to always give statistic analysis on my coins .
Thanks for reading 💹

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Hello @rufans Thank you man for your article. You have very good list of coins there. :) I have some ADA and XLM. I just keep it for long term. It will be good year for us bro. Best regards from Serbia.


Hehe thank you bro .
To be honest I have made lots of gain already


Good to hear that man. I am glad. :)

Great timing and thanks for sharing. I just got in a few as well. SNT has been incredible for me the past 48 hours.


Are you still on HOlDL ?

Brilliant analysis...we hope for a wise investment in crypto.

great post.