In 2019 Feds Printed 100B usd, 3x more than Bitcoin Marketcap

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The fed has by and by printed over 100B$ due to the bailouts increasing, Just this year alone they have printed 3x more than the whole bitcoin advertise top! There was starting at 2018 1.7 Trillion Federal save notes ($) available for use which costs them 700 Million $ just to oversee!

This framework can not and isn't practical, It is a prop up economy! We are perpetually observing bailouts all around the globe and with organizations as well as with governments!

Half of Europe's nations are nearly going belly up and Greece (Beautiful nation) totally broke, should simply be skimming around the drug! As you see over the US is everlastingly QE, the main piece of the world who appear to be in control are China and Russia I accept we are going to consider a to be of intensity as of now the BRICS are in discusses making their own Crypto/blockchain which would give them extreme power over the funds in their of the world.

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