Bitcoin - 9/30/19 - Ok let's re adjust again! Plus a quick scalp for profit!

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Here we go again! Got the count a wrong, but still had such a great entry I was able to scalp 2.41% profit. Often I just monitor my trade and watch it bounce up and down. I decided to sell and see if I can reenter at a better price! Ok here is where I got it wrong and what it appears to be now! Oh and this chart is inverted! 🙃

Ok Let's look at smaller time frames to see how I played my small scalp and where I want to reenter.

We will see if Bitcoin cooperates! If not readjust again! This is not financial advice! This is more of my trading journal than anything! Good luck and Good day!


Quick and easy profit there

Yea I’ve been in that for a few days. So not as quick as I’d like. But profit is profit!! Always nice to score a little, got a nice short setting up as well! 😉

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