Bitcoin - 9/1/19 - The buying opportunity of a lifetime!? No hype!

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So I woke up this morning still feeling good about where I'm at in my trade. I decided to spend an hour watching some Technical Analysis from some of my favorite and well respected Elliotticians. I don't always get to watch them as they do not always give out this information for free. I was really happy when the first one I watched started mimicking my chart. I made a few mistakes in labeling some charts, but overall my count has been pretty spot on.

The most notable thing and they both said it is this upcoming turn around could be "the trade of a lifetime". That this might be wave 3, "the money wave"!!! I tend agree with them and here is why.

250%!!! Gain!!! There is also a lot of risk here, but man that's some huge upside!! I've been calling for these ranges for days, maybe longer! Personally I won't be putting any Bitcoin on credit card, but I will be buying. If we double test the bottom at 3.2K I might put on credit card!LOL

Calling long term prices like that can be tricky, most important thing to note is that we are in a down trend atm and there has been on confirmation signs that we are going lower. Here's some.



I don't have to work today, so I will be watching closely and looking out for a possible uptick. At the moment there are no signs that I should get out of my trade. This is not financial advice! This is more of my trading journal than anything! Good luck and Good day!

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it was for sure after that massive pump

According to your first chart, Bitcoin would reach the 25k somewhere in 2021. That seems sound to me, because of the Bitcoin halving next year and looking at Bitcoin's hype cycles: the next one is due 2021.

I don't have any charts myself to back up this claim, just those observations.