Bitcoin - 11/15/19 - Here comes a big move up!!!

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So with the new job I have been struggling with balancing it with my personal life and trading. Up til a few days ago I haven't been trading and barley keeping up with my technical analysis, but I have made 3 trades recently. On my first two I scalped a few percentage on the way down to the "golden zone". I left a little on the table seeing signs of reversal. I had picked a spot where I really wanted to close my short, right in the golden zone, but like I said I left some on the table and chickened out, but I did leave the buy there. So when we went down again I was able to buy in and go long. There are so many signs I see a strong reversal in the positive direction I'm giddy! Let's take a look at them. chart111519.png
Ok I know there is a lot in that chart you'll have to have to take my word for, but in fairness if you go back and read my blog you'll know I'm a big fan of the golden zone. Anyways let's look at the bullish signs, here is a quick chart for reference.
Thinking back I've been known to over play the first bullish divergence, only to see more downwards movement. Here I was more patient! If you wait for higher time frames, rewards may be greater! Fingers crossed, my last chart that has got me excited...chart1115193.png
Would you look at that, the only problem is the time. The first one even shows up on the daily, so I will try to be careful as we could always see the .786. However we will see an uptick and nice profits!
If you look at this chart the same as the one's above you got to think there may be more downwards movement. This is long term however. So up than down, hope to be charting more and thanks! This is not financial advice, this is my trading journal. Good luck and good day!

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