Bitcoin - 10/9/19 - Yess! Targets reached!! Time to short?

in #bitcoin3 years ago (edited)

Once again I've been long for a few days. Instead of settling for a 3% gain I decided to wait it out for another 3%. Didn't have to wait to long! As first and second target were reached!! I worked last night and went with the first target, just in case we came up short. As I'm writing the blog post the second target was reached as well. chart10919.png

Old charts with new notes. Love using old charts, it means I wasn't to far off!

Just closed a short I had open for a break even. That was an impulse move and it's best to get out and let's wait for a better set up. Here is one more chart of what I'll be looking for in a better set up.

Long term we are looking for one more dip down. We have to watch in case it's truncated. So if we get profits from a short it's best to take it and run. 5th waves can be disappointing. This is not financial advice, this is mt trading journal! Good luck and good day!

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