Micro Post - "Bitcoin price made new history" + My prediction has been proved

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Today I just woke up and got shocked when I saw the price of Bitcoin crossed $5K mark. Look at the  CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index . Bitcoin price hit a new all time high of $5,013.91 at 02:25 UTC. Coindesk's market data points to Chinese bitcoin exchange OKCoin BPI in showing that at OKcoin exchange Bitcoin price hits $5,149. 

About 2 years ago I predicted that in 2017 Bitcoin may hit $5000, because of halving effect and if find any blocksize scaling solution. That time Bitcoin was traded around $250. So, people called me crazy. Now, I'm totally satisfied. I believe on Bitcoin, so, I additionally bought 1K BTC. I think the fuel of this bullish trend is not only SegWit activation, but, also the low supply of Bitcoin (slow effect of 2nd Halving). Besides, the demands of Bitcoin are increasing dramatically day by day. However, price is now slightly dropped because of some investors and traders sold a handsome volume to take profits. But, overall market sentiment is Bullish. I suggest everyone to buy at least 1 Bitcoin and keep it for 5 years, then undoubtedly it'll be proved in the future that you do not make any wrong decision. It'll be a very good investment - it's guaranteed. 

Good Luck Bitcoiners :D

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Wow, awesome price prediction. Let's have a prediction for 2020, my bet would be $15000. How about you?


I exactly thinking the same. Yes, $15K is a very good prediction. Thanks :)

I really like it, thank you for sharing it


Thank you very much :)

I believe on Bitcoin, so, I additionally bought 1K BTC.

That is really amazing. I'm just curious to know your prediction for next 2 years :)


Thank you. Okay, I'll post here my next prediction in detailed :)

Wow! that's great, I have little amount in bitcoin. Thanks for the great information. Have a great day friend happy steeming.


If you have BTC then please, hold it for at least 5 years :)


Very little amount I have now in my son's wallet. You know him well, he is your friend rahul.stan .should I buy some more now in this movement, as my son is only 18+ so I need some strong suggestions. I came to know all about you from my son. You know friend, My son have warned me not to disturb you. Sorry for everything, please suggest me if you don't mind. Have an wonderful time.


Oh! you're rahul's mom. No problem, you can contact me anytime, and do not hesitate. I'm also not very older. I'm 26 and just finished my all educations.


Can I know everything about you, your family, state...everything. I don't know why I have a soft corner for you as you are my son's friend. Can I call you beta as I call my son beta. We are belong to Nepali community from Assam, whenever you come to Assam you are most welcome to my house. Wish you good luck good health and happiness, in every walk of life.

Sure you are right Bitcoin is on the way to make history many more times in the future and the demands always increasing and the low supply will make it rise to the moon and even further. I believe in the same prediction and today nothing can stop it. Thank you.


Thank you very much. Your thinking about Bitcoin are the same as me. Cheers Bitcoiner :)

This is great to buy 1 btc .
Btc is pricing up by time .
I feel soacked for those who ignored your predictions.


ha ha ....... they are now amazed :)

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excellent work dear friend @royalmacro, congratulations on the accuracy of your prediction.
I think that by 2020 we have to talk about a bitcoin of US $ 20,000.
I wish you a beautiful weekend


Thank you for your prediction. I'm thinking it'll be around $15K :)

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