BIP 91 is locked , What's next on ?

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BIP 91 is locked now. Plz, be careful on Bitcoin transactions. There is a little chance to get your tx rejected  which is included a block that is not signalling BIP 141. Currently over 97% miners shows supports for BIP 141. But still some unknown and little miners such as Canone (acquired 0.5% total hashrate) are not signalling to BIP 141. All blocks produced by these miners must be rejected. If you found your tx rejected then you can re-broadcast after 72 hours (when the most of the nodes and mem pool drop it). Thank you :)

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Its just a beginning !

Thank you very much dear friend @royalmacro for this valuable information
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

Although I know this whole bip thing may be problematic, I find it super interesting :P I'm looking forward to August 1

great ...thanks for the suggestion and info

What is BIP 91? And when will it be corrected?

Thanks for the information. I hope it will not do too much damage.

yes, we should be careful with bitcoin transaction and if hard fork won't happen bitcoin will go over $3k for sure!


There is a very little chance (Under 1%) to be performed a Bitcoin Hard Fork on August 1

97 % is not bad! Thanks for the update :) I think I'll be waiting a few days before doing any BTC transactions to be on the safe side.


Now it shows 98% :)

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