🐟 Buying my new car using crypto profits💩

in bitcoin •  8 months ago


I was told there would be Lambos 🐂...🤣

Keep calm & accumulate !

All these cars was stolen and the thiefs dump them off the cliff after they had their joy ride!
photo was taken by me with GoPro Hero6 at 28m at Legrena!

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nice underwater lambo @rouketas .... ala james bond?

you should check out @comedyopenmic, i can see some of your post winning prizes and growing your readership, peace


lmao yeah ! with camouflage and shit ! fish shit !

Thanks for the invitation @dj123 , ill drop by! :)

DAMN. 30 meter dive?! Were you using scuba gear?!


Yep i was with scuba gear, was bit dizzy also because of the nitrogen narcosis ( at 99feet nitrogen partial pressure is 3.2 = 🤪🥂 party time ) that occurs to oxygen when it is at high pressure (4 ATA at 99feet, that makes oxygen partial pressure 0.8 compared to 1 ATA (surface) where its partial pressure is 0.2).
But feeling the 0 gravity is freaking awesome !! Feels like "when moon ? Now ! 🌜🌜"

hahah , Be happy!
At least you have money left for a car...
Here we fight for food:
Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-23 um 10.png

Best regards,


The good thing is that we are gonna be in shape! xD

Glad that your new crypto car is green and environment-friendly ...


Very low fuel consumption as well... wanna go for a ride ? 🤣


Yeah , sure.
And have a lobster with some crypto change ... :)


Παω αυριο να παρω πινακιδες !

Οδηγεις εσυ ή εχεις καμια γοργονα για συνοδηγο;


Εγω καθομαι πισω προεδρικα , εχω τον μποπ σφουγκαρακι για οδηγο , και τη γοργονα την εχω για να το πλενει, καυτα σορτς κτλ xD

Δώσε χαιρετίσματα στον Ποσειδωνία…


Εδώκα εδώκα !!! 🌊