Ross Ulbricht responds to comments

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Drawing sent to Ross by supporter

After posting on steemit I sent Ross a print-out of it and all the wonderful, supportive comments. I knew they would lift his spirits. I wanted to share with you what he wrote me back:

Dear Mom,

Wow…thanks for sending so many encouraging, supportive and interesting comments. I feel the love :).
As many people pointed out, you’ve been incredible in your fight for my freedom these last few years. It’s been amazing to see your bravery and tenacity. I’m so proud of who you are and all you’ve done.

Very soon, October 1, will mark the third year that’s passed since the cuffs first clicked around my wrists. It’s a long time to be cut off from the free world. You and others often remind me of how much support I have out there, but it’s still easy to feel forgotten, just lost in limbo. Even after all of this time though, it warms my heart to know people are still pulling for me.

Unfortunately it’s more -- much more -- than many of my neighbors have. The hardest thing to see is the slow erosion separation inflicts on some of these men’s closest relationships: wives, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, siblings, life-long friends. I can only imagine how crushing this experience could be without my family, friends, and supportive folks like those on steemit.

I do what I can to pay forward the generosity and kindness I get to the guys in here. Everyone’s support to me ripples out to some of the most downtrodden. Please tell people they should be proud of that and how important even the smallest kindness can be.

Love, Ross


It's wonderful to see that this platform is helping you in this fight for justice and helping Ross never feel abandoned or forgotten!

If only we could do more than comment and upvote...

Thank you! You can help spread the word, shop online through affiliate link on our home page (no extra cost to you), and lots more suggestions at

That's good to know, will check your website!

Maybe you can include this info in your posts as a reminder, so that the new readers know right away how to help.

Good idea, thanks. See? I need help!!

Yes that Amazon one is a good way to help without even having to spend money :) It's on the site, and you have to click on it from there! PS- I can personally testify to what an incredible young man Ross is. I've never met anyone like him, so kind and thoughtful but also principled. #freeross!

Thank you for your comment, @tatianamoroz! I have already opened it and will do my next purchase through this link. It's similar to amazonsmile

Good ideas, as always from you TM.

Thanks for being such a good friend to Ross Tatiana.

It's a real tragedy that Ross was taken from us, given a circus court, and left to sit in a cage. Hopefully the love and support he receives here helps lift his spirit.

Ross, you are not forgotten.

Shared on Steemit chat over here:

It does, thank you. And we won't leave him to sit in a cage, no matter how long it takes.

Nice of you to share Rich :)

right now I think the only way he is going to be freed is if the president pardons him... unfortunately the only candidate that would do such a thing is gary johnson.

He has an appeal on the 6th that is very strong. And as Ross said to me once, "As long as we are alive, there is reason to hope"

Great post. Love the artwork.

A group at porcfest sat down under a tent and drew pics to brighten Ross' cell. He loved it! and of course your art is fabulous. #Art4Ross

The people in the world that most care and understand TRUE LIBERTY AND FREEDOM -- will never forget Ross and those like him. None of us are perfect but some people just have to learn that as we go. None of us are getting out of here alive. GBY Ross and family.