$1,000,000 Bitcoin Giveaway - Thursday, November 2, 8pm Eastern

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Hi guys,

When browsing on the internet today i found something very interesting .

Expert Teeka Tiwari is holding an emergency briefing with a world-class crypto “insider” to reveal:

  • How a new law could send Bitcoin and several smaller cryptocurrencies into a major breakout by this January (you’ll find out which ones to watch)
  • Why China’s cryptocurrency exchange and ICO bans are a major buying opportunity for you…
  • The name of the crypto Teeka calls “the next big thing in cryptocurrencies” – which currently trades for under $1
  • Plus, you’ll discover how to claim your portion of FREE BITCOIN in our exclusive “$1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Giveaway”.

To join this go to : http://www.teekatraining.com/welcome_nju198.html

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