Huge Price Fall on the Crypto Markets, launched and more Bitcoin Cash News

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► has launched, bringing premier lotteries worldwide

While lotteries have traditionally been limited to citizens of the country where the lottery is hosted, allows users from all over the world to play various games from the United States, Europe, Australia, and more

All tickets can be purchased anonymously using Bitcoin Cash

Payouts are made through a transparent, “provably fair” fulfilment process



► Wallet App surpasses 10 million wallets created

Last November, the wallet surpassed 5 million wallets created. Now, shortly after the release of an update overhauling the application to be faster and more user friendly, the wallet has surpassed 10 million wallets created.


►Bitcoin Cash Houses continue to launch around the world

Bitcoin Cash House Ghana opens this Saturday the 21st, with their inaugural BCH meetup kicking off the opening

BCH House Venezuela is also now hosting ongoing company focussed meetups with the goal of connecting business owners and educating merchants about BCH

Other BCH Houses are currently in discussion, contact if you’re interested in starting a Bitcoin Cash House in your community.




► volume grows in contrast to other marketplaces has been one of the most popular ways to buy Bitcoin peer-to-peer.

Recently, that popularity has been degraded because of their implementation of “KYC” or “Know-Your-Customer” requirements


►CashFusion fundraiser surpasses 100 BCH donation

The innovative CashFusion protocol needs a security audit before being released to the public.

Users can also download an alpha version of the privacy tool to help test the implementation. To start fusing today, check the link in the description.