Deutsche Bank Predicts Crypto to Replace Fiat by 2030, Twitter CEO Aims to Decentralize Social Media

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►Kraken finds a way to extract seeds from a KeepKey hardware wallet
In order to extract the seeds, an attacker needs physical access to the KeepKey device itself for about 15 minutes.


►Twitter CEO aims to decentralize social media
Jack Dorsey has revealed that Twitter intends to create an open standard for decentralized social media, with Twitter to eventually follow that standard. Twitter is funding a team to design the standard, and the standard itself will be called “Bluesky”.


►Deutsche Bank report makes crypto predictions
Deutsche Bank released this special edition of “Konzept” on the fifth of December. Konzept primarily covers economics and finance. Fiat currencies are described in the report as “fragile” due to “low labor costs” and inflation. A section of the report is even titled “The end of fiat money?”


►Nexo Finance Launches an instant crypto credit line backed by your Bitcoin Cash
A new partnership between Nexo and is bringing the world’s first Bitcoin Cash backed loans to the Nexo platform.
Users can now borrow against their own Bitcoin Cash and other digital assets in more than 40 fiat currencies across more than 200 jurisdictions.


►Bakkt CEO appointed as US Senator
Kelly Loeffler, CEO at Bakkt, has been appointed to the US Senate by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.She will take office on January 1st, 2020, though she will have to run for re-election next year after having been appointed.


►SLP Token Market Cap surpasses $50 Million USD with more than 6,000 tokens in existence
There have been 6,196 tokens created since the protocol’s inception in August 2018. In the last two months, SLP valuations listed on the Featured Tokens page have doubled as the ecosystem continues to mature.


►Bitcoin Cash captures 93% of Australian cryptocurrency retail spending in November
Since they first began releasing these reports in September, has continued to highlight how retail cryptocurrency spending in Australia has been dominated by Bitcoin Cash
The report notes that Bitcoin Cash spending experienced a “267% month-on-month growth” and that Bitcoin Cash payments accounted for approximately “$51,996.73 of the total $55,725.05 expended during the month.”


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