Bitcoin Core's Feature Proved to be Easy to Exploit, Coinbase CEO Patents Emailing Bitcoin and More

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► mints the LEAD token to reward Bitcoin Cash community leaders
LEAD is a reward token launched on Bitcoin Cash using the Simple Ledger Protocol whose purpose is to reward those who grow and support the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.


►Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong wins new crypto tech patent
The patent details a system for users to make cryptocurrency payments with email addresses linked to corresponding wallet addresses. The sender would make a request to send cryptocurrency to an email address, and the system then transmits the agreed amount.


►India set to be the biggest market for blockchain developers in 2020
According to Linkedin’s latest Emerging Jobs Report, job opportunities for blockchain developers are among those leading the emerging jobs in India. The number of new hires in the industry has seen significant growth, and the number of jobs related to crypto and blockchain technology is expected to continue to grow in 2020.


►Bitcoin Core’s Replace-by-Fee demonstrated as a serious vulnerability when accepting payments
A recent video from Hayden Otto of demonstrates how easy it is to double spend BTC, reversing Bitcoin Core transactions after purchasing products from various merchants. Otto went to a few Australian BTC-accepting merchants and performed a double spend after purchasing items, taking the opportunity to warn retailers about the vulnerability and recommending that they use Bitcoin Cash as a safer alternative.



►Fidelity expanding cryptocurrency services across Europe
Fidelity Investments recently established a new entity that will serve European clients and allow them to invest in crypto assets.
Fidelity Investments is one of the world’s largest financial services providers, and handles more than $7 trillion in client assets, with over 1.3 million trades processed each day.


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I'll take a LEAD token if you have some to spare. simpleledger:qq0f6fdq202r9f5sz2vs5nuxqnqrp8reespgwwq49f

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So bch does not have the "replace by fee" feature?

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RBF should be assumed by default.

All transactions can be replaced until included in a block, RBF flag just tells ethical miners it's ok to replace the TX.
Individual miners are not to be considered ethical in bitcoin. Don't trust miners not to RBF even without the RBF flag.

What kind of moronic point of sale consider transaction with RBF flag as valid as those without?
Transaction should not be considered confirmed before they receive a confirmation (block inclusion).

are you a BTC accepting merchant yourself?