💵💵 Davor Lending Platform 1001$ Loan - #4 Almost a half DAV earned in 3 days - 1.18% ROI Today 💵💵

in bitcoin •  last year

Davor is at 92$ as this is being written

Total interest toaday was 1.18% (1.08% + 0.1%) and tomorrow will be 1.12%

Skärmavbild 2018-01-11 kl. 18.03.05.png

This gave me 11.81$ in my lending wallet:

I decided to transfer it to DAV because I still think DAV will hit 100$ soon again. But I also think BTC will rise soon again so maybe I will convert it to BTC in couple of days.

Skärmavbild 2018-01-11 kl. 18.03.18.png


Loan cost: 1001$ - 12.59594815 DAV - 0.06713640364 BTC
Amount earned today: 0.12668955 DAV
Total in wallet: 0$ - 0.42592966 DAV - 0 BTC

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how do you think or your prediction about bitcoin price in 2018 whether it will be increasing or going down.
I just want to survey some people's opinions


I think it will go up in the long term. Much depends on the devs around bitcoin.

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Thank you!