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EIGENCOIN is having an airdrop if you are willing to register to their site and join their telegram and link your account.

You will get 25 COINS which is worth 0.32$ right now per coin. Around 8$ for free. You are not required to invest any money you can just get 25 COINS free and hodl!

Register here and follow instructions below:

  1. Go to Eigencoin Dashboard and pres link on telegram box. insert your username that you registred on telegram (it is case sensetive)

  2. join their telegram and type /register and remember that you need to setup a username in telegram under settings. this will give you 25 Coins for free when the airdrop is over.

Take care!

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Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at


Thank you! I will check that out!


welldone sir
good work

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I have signed up how it goes? and I see in my wallet still empty.


do you se under referal in telegram box 25 EIGC? you will get in wallet when airdrop is over.


you should check at Dashboard - Telegram box. You should have 25 on referals

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Thanks for sharing. i do a lot of airdrops.

niceeeee!! ima register right now

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