Today I Created paper bitcoin wallets for my 2 kids

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Creating paper bitcoin (BTC) wallets for my 2 kids

Last Christmas I gave my daughter ( her own Steemit account. She loves it.
As my son is only 10 years old and only cares about playing soccer I don't think he will be on Steemit anytime soon.

Crypto is the future

So I decided it is time to prepare for the future. And that is creating some BTC wallets for my kids.

A physical gift on their 18th birthday.

When my kids have their 18th birthday I want to give them the BTC wallet. I hope to be able to make some deposit in the coming years.

What kind of Wallet?

I decided to go for a paper wallet. I just create the addresses store the private keys safely. See below how I did this:

Please visit the web page :

It is very easy, follow the instructions or watch this video.

Then I started creating the wallets.

One For my daughter

and one for my son

So that is what I did. Created 2 BTC paper wallets. Made some nice print out and I was finished in 15 minutes.

Did you already made some wallets for your kids?

Imagine that I am able to save 0.5 BTC each. And imagine what that can be in 6 to 8 years. Maybe this 0.5 BTC can make their lives so much easier and they maybe can buy a house from it. So they don't need to be depended of those stupid bankers..

Here I made some nice markdown for future Steemit posts. Maybe someone in the future want to make a donation. So then they have all their info available on the blockchain.


Thank you for reading.

Kind regards, Ron

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Litecoin would be preferable though.

Thx drakos, on this page in my post you can also print the litecoin paper wallet

An absolutely brilliant idea. Deffinently going to check that out for my kids.
Thanks for sharing :)

you should do.. I don't have much btc but you have to start somewere

Same here and yes exactly.
A little btc today could be alot later on or take a small procentage of sbd earnings every month to put it to make it grow :)

What you are doing to your kids is a very wise thing, at this age they now have a coin wallet. I think it would be a nice ideal for all to follow suit.

This is soooooooooooo cool my friend! what a wonderful idea! Keep this up! This could be the future of bitcoin gift cards!

What an interesting idea, cant wait to be a parent and have kids. You make fatherhood look so awesome.

Really nice idea...

way to invest in your children's future my friend ... that is awesome what you are doing.
I will follow your example for sure one day when I have my own children.

Yeah, you did it! Really nice. I hope it's worth it in the long run and your kids will thank you;)

Yeahh I hope so

I plan to do the same for my 2 kids. Get them a wallet and my goal is to have at least 1 whole BTC in each. 😉 I too believe cryptos are the future and so are our children.

1 BTC would be great.. but don't have much yet.. so slowly putting some in the wallet.. but BTC will rise to 50K this year... so..

I’ve got work to do. 😜 dream big live big

Good idea thanks for share it nice and important blog bitcoin about

Great Post Mate!! :)

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