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today I want to write about the opportunity articles to invest,
Investment is a term with some understanding related to finance and economics. The term relates to the accumulation of an asset form with a hope of gaining profit in the future. Sometimes, investment is also called as capital investment. Based on the theory of investment economy means the purchase (and production) of capital goods that are not consumed but used for future production.

Investment can be divided into two types, namely as follows:

Investment in the form of real assets That is investment in the form of physical tangible assets, such as gold, precious stones and so on
Investments in the form of securities / securities (securities marketable securities) That is investment in the form of securities that are basically a claim on real assets that are supervised by a particular institution / individual
Ownership of financial assets in order to invest in an institution / company can be done in two ways:

Direct Investing
Interpreted as an ownership of securities directly in a particular institution / company that has been officially in go public with the aim of obtaining profit levels in the form of dividends and capital gains. Indirect investment (indirect investing)
Occurs when a securities owned is re-traded by an investment company that serves as an intermediary. Indirect asset ownership is made through registered financial institutions, which act as intermediaries. In its role as an indirect investor, intermediary traders earn dividends as well as in direct investment and capital gains or the results of their portfolio trading.