It's really happening...

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People I haven't spoken to in years call me out of the blue begging for an explanation. I'll notice accepting Bitcoin signs here and there walking around New York City. 1.5 Billion in trade volume looks like a slow day now... can't wait to see whats next.



great to's sooo early ..and that is great too

It's amazing, we love you too!

Very cool! So much to catch up on

Hopefully it begins to become accepted at even more places and becomes common place soon!

Cool... :))

great news for all )

Well written article. There are still tons of people that will not buy bitcoin on an exchange, just out of their comfort zone, too new of a paradigm for them, but they will buy a stock no problem, and they have been sitting on the sidelines shaking their head and out of the gains as the crypo people have been hi fiveing each other. This might fill that need. That said, TONS of potential here.
How about actual stocks in crytpos for something different? Here is a bitcoin play to consider, up 43% since I penned the article in the link this morning. This Bitcoin mining related stock should go significantly higher . Would sincerely love to hear your input. I tried to warn people of the risks of this stock. That said, while pointing out the potential as well because these cryptos keep exploding higher, as there really are very few 'crypto stocks' out there, this may prove a unique opportunity.