My First Steemit Introduction to Rice Crypto & The Rice Crypto Show

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My name is Chris Rice aka Rice Crypto. Without getting too personal, I currently live in Winston-Salem, NC and am originally from Manassas, VA (near Washington, D.C.). I am a full-time college student for Business Administration. In addition to that, I am an entrepreneur, Anarchist, Voluntaryist, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, and Practitioner of Change.

I have just recently started my YouTube channel and will be uploading those videos to D-Tube as well, I will include the links below. I plan to talk all about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Anarchy-related topics, and a "movement" that I started called Practice Change. I hope to provide value, education, and enlightenment. I currently have 4 videos on my YT channel and plan on uploading a few more by this weekend. Last night (1/9/18), I had the honor of being interviewed by @Kennethbosak on his YT channel and podcast! Please look him up, follow, and check out that interview.

I would like to ask that you check out my YT videos. If you find value and want to know when I upload more videos, please subscribe, like, and share. If you have anything you want me to talk about or look into, please feel free to contact me, I will provide my contact info below as well.

 I hope you enjoy!



Thanks as always Lady Anarki!

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