IRS vs. Bitcoin

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Gary Alford the IRS agent that is responsible for the "Silk Road" shutdown now has his radar set on Bitcoin believers. The IRS is labeling recreational Bitcoin investors as "tax dodgers" and wants people to report cryptocurrency on taxes so the IRS can take a portion of it.

Gary Alford after his successful "silk road" takedown is now gleefully taking center stage as the Cyber Crime Coordinator for the IRS stating that "if we had 12 jurors and told them someone made all their money in bitcoin, we believe that they would understand.” in an article called "IRS Agent Who Took Down ‘Silk Road’ Turns His Attention To Recreational Bitcoin Investors". This is telling that Gary and his new cyber team plan on going after citizens that purchase crypto & don't give the government a portion.

In the US we must give the government a portion of all of the money that we work for. It is taking out of our paychecks in the form of taxes even before we see our paychecks. Then when we buy things at any store we pay taxes again for each item that we buy. This is double taxing because we are taxed before we receive the money that we work hard to earn and then taxed again as well. Taxed before spending and taxed during spending.

Now the government is setting up a specialized team to go directly after crypto enthusiasts. We were told that Bitcoin is not money & never will be. We were told that Bitcoin is a scam. We were told that Bitcoin is absolutely nothing and “nothing to worry about” as reported at the World Economic Forum at Davos in 2016 and now we are being told that Gary Alford and his cyber team are coming to take the money of everyone with cryptocurrency that doesn't give the government some, or else they will be dragged into court.

Seems like Bitcoin and crypto are becoming a big deal to the government after all. So much so, they've decided to set up a whole specialized team to focus directly on it. The government taking a special interest in Bitcoin devoting, time, money, manpower, and tons of other resources into it, only lets us know that the government wants a piece of the pie because Bitcoin is here to stay. Thanks for the confirmation US government!

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Expected by the IRS.