The new language of “Bitcoin” resulting from a split.

in bitcoin •  4 months ago

If 2 healthy bitcoin forks are created, it will be increasingly difficult to know what to refer to as the real “Bitcoin”. We may scrap the concept of a real Bitcoin and simply refer to all currencies as “Bitcoins”.

To some degree, you likely already refer to all cryptocurrencies as “Bitcoins”. When I’m talking to someone new, I don’t use “alt” or “crypto” or something that raises questions and that they’ve never heard of. I tell people I’m into “Bitcoin” or “Bitcoin stuff” or “Things like Bitcoin”- even though I’m actually into many coins including Bitcoin.

I think it could be a natural progression that if there are 2 bitcoins, we’ll drop the idea that a certain blockchain needs to be “Bitcoin”.

“Bitcoin” is the best word anyways. Its simple, rolls of the tongue. It perfectly states that its a currency on computers. Lets go with it- industry wide.

Yes I have Bitcoins. Some of my Bitcoins are Ethereum based, some work on Doge, some are within the Feathercoin network. I also have some of the original Bitcoins like BCC, BTC and BTCC. I have a lot of different types of Bitcoins!


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I also usually just refer to "Bitcoins" when talking to people who aren't yet involved in this stuff. But whenever they ask any more questions, that's when I start to get more specific. And that is also where this might start to cause problems. Cryptocurrency is already a confusing subject, and a split in Bitcoin will be sure to delay mainstream adoption.


I agree for sure, this could be terrible for mainstream adoption....But then the march of cryptos will continue on one way or another I figure, the tech is unstoppable. It may delay, but it'll keep going up in time.

So true. Actually a development like this would make it easier for people like my dear old dad to understand cryptos better. "Crypto" sounds, well, cryptic, and digital currencies sound like something out of a 19th century sci-fi novel.


haha, yea for sure! Get him into Bitcoins already!

Yeah, if I say the word crypto-currency to someone they look at me like I've started speaking in tongues. Bitcoin's easier- they still don't understand.


haha, yup. But i never get too upset about it. Was a while back now, but there was a time getting into this my head was spinning and i had no idea what was going on. Its understandable. Nothing like Bitcoin has ever existed in human history or in human technology. Kind of creates a mind fart.