Bitcoin Cash - Why I’m supporting it.

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

Wow, they don’t give you much time to consider an argument these days. Thought about it, hours to go, I’m on board. I’ll be writing about Bitcoin Cash, buying it, storing it long term. Calling it Bitcoin.

On one condition: a 1mb non-segwit chain of Bitcoin does not survive through this fall.

Bitcoin works today, hours before this split. It also works before segwit. Its just having trouble keeping up with transaction demand. A problem that looks like it’ll soon be resolved given developments with the lightning network.

Segwit changes Bitcoin’s code, changes how it works fundamentally. Bitcoin cash is simply changing the size of a block, nothing more. If my options are bitcoin with a new code vs the same old thing but with bigger blocks- I’m going with Bitcoin Cash.


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Isn't Bitcoin Cash just another altcoin?


Can't you say the exact same thing about a segwit fork?....if Bitcoin is ending and all there will be are 2 new altcoins. I want the one that most resembles our current bitcoin.


Well actually, I'll want both. But probably more BCC than BTC...if BTC is segwit

You can see the countdown in real time on