Crypto Wolves IBIZA PARTY

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 Hey Guy’s,

I would like to share my story and plan with you. Two weeks ago my fifteen-year old car broke down on the highway and I almost died. The car was so old and shitty, even the airbags did not work. Since I started with cryptos, all the money I saved, I invested in to cryptos. But I was fed up with my shitty life and shitty car, so I cashed out ninety percent of my portfolio and I bought myself a nice BMW! Now I have to start all over again with my leftover ten percent in crypto, but I know that I’m going to make it. I believe in crypto’s and in the blockchain technology, so nothing will hold me back. To prove this to myself, I want to ask all my crypto brothers and sisters, to join me. I will throw a PARTY on 14-7-2021 for one week on IBIZA, SPAIN!  Why on this date? Because it’s my birthday on the 14th of July and because in 2021 the last BITCOIN will be mined. I expect to be a millionaire in three years. How exactly?  I don’t know yet, but I know that I will make it. And you.. my crypto brothers and sister, will make it too. So everyone who invited, everyone who’s made money with crypto. Doesn’t matter if you’re in to BTC, ETH, LTC or BCC, … everyone is invited.  Just find your way to Ibiza, where at my party, you will meet other brothers and sisters just like you and me, who believe in cryptos and support the REVOLUTION.  Come on and let's have the most EPIC and awesome motherf**king PARTY EVER!  Like I do, believe in yourself and promise yourself, that you will make it. Mark the date in your agenda and I will see you in IBIZA!

 Date: 14-7-2021 – 21-7-2021  Location: Ibiza, Spain Place: To be announced

 Pleas share this event and invite al your crypto brothers and sisters. See you on Ibiza!

 *this is not a commercial event or promotion